2017-10-13 Phillip Berndtautorandr 1.2 1.2
2017-10-13 Phillip BerndtMinor cleanup in virtual profile description output
2017-10-13 Phillip BerndtUpdate authors and changelog
2017-10-13 Adrian LopezPrevious name was confusing
2017-10-12 Adrian LopezCenter small screen in the middle of the physical screen
2017-10-12 Adrian LopezRespect aspect ratio
2017-10-12 Adrian LopezSelect the biggest area screen
2017-10-12 Adrian LopezNew virtual profile to clone biggest screen
2017-10-09 Phillip BerndtMerge pull request #77 from t0fik/fedora25_plus_compability
2017-10-01 Jerzy DrozdzRemoved pm-utils on fedora22+ from requisites
2017-09-30 Phillip BerndtMerge pull request #76 from t0fik/add_redhat_spec
2017-09-02 Jerzy DrozdzAdded RedHat compatible spec file
2017-08-12 Phillip BerndtMerge pull request #74 from nmschulte/use-completionsdi...
2017-08-12 Phillip BerndtMerge pull request #75 from nmschulte/contrib-in-readme
2017-08-12 Nathan Schultediscuss contributions in README
2017-08-12 Nathan Schultecleanup bash-completion build logic
2017-08-12 Nathan Schulteuse pkg-config for bash-completion completions dir
2017-08-11 Phillip BerndtMerge pull request #73 from adbrucker/master
2017-08-11 Achim D. BruckerBug fix: ensure that the Debian control directory has...
2017-07-17 Phillip Berndtautorandr is in pypi now
2017-07-16 Phillip BerndtPossible fix for #72
2017-07-16 Phillip BerndtSkip --panning 0x0 unless required (See #72)
2017-06-07 Phillip BerndtTag the current code as 1.1 1.1
2017-06-07 Phillip BerndtCall systemctl with `--no-block` from udev rule (Fixes...
2017-04-16 Phillip Berndtpm-utils: Do not write log file by default
2017-04-16 Phillip BerndtNote that StartLimitInterval was renamed in systemd-230
2017-01-22 Phillip BerndtFix changelog order
2017-01-21 Phillip BerndtFix #66: Encode int to str in environ
2017-01-20 Phillip BerndtCall autorandr via systemd from udev, remove pmutils...
2017-01-20 Phillip BerndtDo not automatically reload/update daemons from Makefile
2017-01-20 Phillip BerndtProcess --help first, before executing predetect hook
2017-01-20 Phillip BerndtSet AUTORANDR_BATCH_PID environment variable in batch...
2017-01-20 Phillip Berndtsystemd unit: Rate limit execution
2017-01-20 Phillip Berndtudev rule: Dynamically call either systemd or autorandr...
2017-01-20 Phillip BerndtUpdate scripts' PREFIX in Makefile's install targets
2017-01-20 Phillip BerndtPrefer systemd over pmutils
2017-01-20 Phillip BerndtInvoke the systemd unit from udev, don't install pmutil...
2017-01-20 Phillip BerndtAdd script hook `predetect`, executed before invoking...
2017-01-18 Phillip BerndtAccept comments in config/setup files
2016-12-18 Phillip BerndtImprove the error message if running a userscript fails...
2016-12-14 Phillip BerndtFix --dry-run output
2016-12-14 Phillip BerndtImprove error messages: Include file name if the error...
2016-12-07 Phillip BerndtTag the current code as v1.0 -- see github issue #54 1.0 v1.0
2016-11-30 Phillip BerndtMerge pull request #64 from dschep/master
2016-11-30 Phillip BerndtReworded the pip instructions
2016-11-30 Daniel Scheppip installable!
2016-11-30 Phillip BerndtWrap ifmain code in a function
2016-11-23 Phillip Berndtbatch mode: Skip all uid < 1000 programs instead of...
2016-11-06 Phillip BerndtMerge pull request #59 from RasmusWL/udev-fix-install...
2016-11-05 Rasmus Wriedt... Makefile: fix install path for udev rules
2016-10-14 Daniel HahlerMakefile: use pkg-config
2016-10-05 Phillip BerndtMerge pull request #57 from languitar/languitar-help...
2016-10-05 Johannes WienkeFix grammar in online help
2016-10-03 Phillip BerndtSupport symlinking profiles
2016-10-03 Phillip BerndtReadme improvements
2016-10-03 Phillip BerndtMerge pull request #56 from nazar-pc/patch-1
2016-10-03 Phillip BerndtFix some typos in the readme
2016-10-03 Nazar MokrynskyiAdd extended notes about installation/removal and apply...
2016-10-02 Phillip BerndtAdded @nazar-pc to contributor list
2016-10-02 Phillip BerndtInstall autostart desktop file by default
2016-10-02 Phillip BerndtMerge pull request #55 from nazar-pc/autostart_config
2016-10-01 Nazar MokrynskyiAdd xdg autostart config so that configuration will...
2016-09-19 Phillip BerndtAdded Makefile target to create a deb archive
2016-09-16 Phillip BerndtIntroduce --batch option to autorandr: Run autorandr...
2016-08-30 Phillip BerndtMerge branch 'austinglaser-pm-util-loginctl-order'
2016-08-30 Austin GlaserAllow 40autorandr to handle any order fields from loginctl
2016-07-29 Phillip BerndtFixes in 40autorandr; thanks to @rnav for spotting...
2016-07-28 Phillip BerndtRemove leftover debug code
2016-07-28 Phillip BerndtImprove detection of $DISPLAY session owner
2016-07-06 Phillip BerndtMerge pull request #51 from t0fik/xgd_compliant
2016-07-05 Jerzy DrozdzSet default value of $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS to be standard...
2016-06-05 Phillip BerndtMerge branch 'retry_commands'
2016-05-31 Phillip Berndtudev requires pmutils as well (See issue #45)
2016-05-31 Phillip BerndtAdded hint on hooks (related to bug #49)
2016-05-31 Phillip BerndtAdd URL to error messages.
2016-05-09 Phillip BerndtFix systemd detection, closes #48
2016-04-28 Phillip BerndtRetry failed xrandr calls after waiting for one second...
2016-04-28 Phillip BerndtIn debug mode, output commands that will be run
2016-03-28 Phillip BerndtMerge pull request #46 from HyperBaton/master
2016-03-28 Simon WydoogheAdd python2 compatibility to removal ability
2016-03-28 Simon WydoogheAdded user confirmation to remove action
2016-03-27 Simon WydoogheAdd ability to remove profile
2016-02-10 Phillip BerndtAdded @Idolf to readme
2016-02-10 Phillip BerndtMerge
2016-02-10 Phillip BerndtFix for #44
2016-02-10 Phillip BerndtWork around #44: Support long user names in w
2016-02-04 Mathias SvenssonImplemented the suggestions
2016-02-03 Mathias SvenssonWorks on my machine
2016-02-03 Phillip BerndtWorkaround to fix #39
2016-01-07 Phillip BerndtAdhere XDG basedir spec regarding order
2016-01-07 Phillip BerndtRun scripts from $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS as well (See pull...
2016-01-03 Phillip BerndtPass meta-information to block scripts
2015-12-07 Phillip Berndtpm-utils script: Check for xinit as a fallback
2015-12-05 Phillip BerndtRemove autorandr_monitor, closes bug #41
2015-12-04 Phillip Berndtpm-utils script: Potential fixes for bugs #30 and #39
2015-12-03 Phillip BerndtMerge pull request #40 from blueyed/executable-pm-script
2015-12-02 Daniel HahlerThe 40autorandr script needs to be executable for udev
2015-11-24 Phillip BerndtOnly use name of executable in systemd detection (See...
2015-11-24 Phillip BerndtImproved systemd detection (See bug #38, thanks to...
2015-11-17 Phillip BerndtSkip --transform unless necessary (See #37)