document new upstream release
[deb_pkgs/scowl.git] / debian / changelog
2020-03-01 Don Armstrongdocument new upstream release
2020-03-01 Don ArmstrongUpdate upstream source from tag 'upstream/2019.10.06'
2018-04-25 Don Armstrongupdate standards version; fix missing misc:Depends debian/2018.04.16-1
2018-04-25 Don ArmstrongSet Multi-Arch: foreign
2018-04-24 Don Armstrongcall install-myspell to register hunspell dictionaries...
2018-04-24 Don Armstrongnew upstream release of scowl
2018-04-24 Don ArmstrongUpdate upstream source from tag 'upstream/2018.04.16'
2018-04-24 Don Armstrongremove build/install: targets and replace with override...
2017-12-21 Don ArmstrongUse $(DEB_VERSION) for hunspel-en-{us,au,ca} insead...
2017-10-20 Don Armstrongupdate to new upstream release 2017.08.24 debian/2017.08.24-1
2017-10-20 Don ArmstrongUpdated version 2017.08.24 from 'upstream/2017.08.24'
2017-10-20 Don Armstrongfinalize changelog
2017-10-20 Don ArmstrongBuild hunspell-en-{us,au,ca} from scowl
2017-07-07 Don Armstrongfix numbering of variants to be 1 and 2 (closes: #867586)
2017-04-24 Don ArmstrongMove sangs (plural of an obscure plant) to -95 (Closes...
2017-04-09 Don ArmstrongSwitch to quilt packaging; remove non-word mys
2017-04-09 Don Armstronguse dh $@ style rules
2017-04-06 Don ArmstrongMerge tag 'upstream/2017.01.22'
2016-01-02 Don ArmstrongMerge tag 'upstream/2015.08.24'
2015-07-10 donSort using LC_ALL=C to make builds reproducible. (Close...
2012-02-17 donInclude the proper variant spelling into the proper...
2011-10-12 donget ready for unstable release
2011-10-12 don* Deprecate irregardless slightly (Closes: #584076)
2011-10-12 dondocument bugs fixed by new version
2011-02-17 donupdate changelog
2011-02-17 donupgrade to scowl 7.1
2010-02-21 donAdd analyses (plural of analysis) (Closes: #570718...
2010-01-07 donafterward and afterwards are both perfectly legitimate...
2009-05-25 don* NOT RELEASED YET
2009-03-30 donwe've released
2009-03-30 don* Sanitize the makefile to not be so repetitive
2009-03-30 donFix supr{essed,ising} issues in english-words.95, thank...
2008-07-11 don * fix triple letter misspellings
2008-07-11 don* NOT RELEASED YET
2008-07-04 don* Taking over this package (Closes: #487734)
2008-07-04 don[svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk