fix missing ) for org-mode
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2017-09-22 Don Armstrongremove narrow environment
2017-07-24 Don Armstrongadd local variables
2017-07-24 Don Armstrongadd local variables
2017-05-12 Don Armstrongadd some makefile templates
2017-02-28 Don Armstrongupdate copyright year
2016-12-11 Don Armstrongfix font config and use acro
2016-11-30 Don ArmstrongMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.donarmstrong...
2016-07-08 Don Armstrongadd
2016-01-15 Don Armstrongupdate latex shell
2016-01-13 Don Armstrongupdate copyright in perl script
2015-12-08 Don Armstrongmake spamhelp more friendly
2015-07-30 Don Armstrongadd makefile templates
2015-07-30 Don Armstrongrename presentation shell
2015-07-30 Don Armstronguse beamer instead of whatever I was using ages ago
2015-07-30 Don Armstrongswitch presentation shell to Rnw
2015-06-11 Don Armstrongadd start of latex shell
2015-02-11 Don ArmstrongMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.donarmstrong...
2015-02-11 Don Armstrongupdate perl module header
2014-10-04 Don ArmstrongMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.donarmstrong...
2014-07-24 Don Armstrongadd text to point people to the unsubscribe form
2014-03-27 Don Armstrongadd debian ban template
2014-01-27 Don Armstrongswitch to 2014
2013-10-24 Don Armstrongoptions needs an indentation
2013-10-16 Don Armstrongupdate indenting in perl script
2013-07-30 Don Armstrongchange the defaults for the article shell
2013-05-02 Don Armstronguse caption instead of caption2
2013-05-02 Don Armstrongupdate article shell to have more packages I use
2013-01-09 Don Armstrongit's SCRIPTNAME not SCRIPT_NAME
2013-01-08 Don Armstrongupdate the perl script header to be slightly easier...
2012-12-04 Don Armstrongupdate perl function documentation
2012-07-23 Don Armstrongfix spelling mistake
2012-07-23 Don Armstrongadd debbugs-moreinfo
2011-01-02 Don Armstrong * update copyright in script header
2010-12-01 Don Armstrongadd more bits to the unsub template
2010-07-17 Don Armstrong * add debbugs reopen war
2009-10-05 Don Armstrong * update debbugs-notforus
2009-06-17 Don Armstrong * update article shell to include utf8 input encoding
2009-05-18 Don Armstrongcopy stuff to email from listmaster and debbugs directories
2009-04-21 Don Armstrong * update copyright year
2009-03-27 Don Armstrongmove bugs issues to separate directory
2009-01-25 Don Armstrong * fix useage/usage typo
2008-05-19 Don Armstrong * Update perl module header for EXPORT_TAGS
2008-04-08 Don Armstrong * Add return to perl script template to minimize changes
2008-02-27 Don Armstrongupdate not on list
2008-02-18 Don Armstrong * update not on list
2008-02-18 Don Armstrong * Add usage error section and update copyright of...
2008-02-15 Don Armstrong * Add debian-notforus template
2007-10-30 Don Armstrong * UPdate debian-unsub template
2007-10-30 Don Armstrong * Fix the final bullet in moreinfo template
2007-10-30 Don Armstrong * Update moreinfo listmaster template
2007-07-24 Don Armstrongadd listmaster templates
2007-06-04 Don Armstrongupdate owner mail
2007-04-14 Don Armstrongadd various templates that I use
2007-01-22 Don Armstrongadd improper owner mail
2006-08-10 Don Armstrongadd perl script template
2006-08-10 Don Armstrong update perl module header and set keywords on it
2006-03-30 Don Armstrong Use warnings in the perl module header
2005-11-08 Don Armstrongadd templates
2005-11-02 Don Armstrongupdate article shell
2005-10-30 Don Armstrongupdate templates, add lyqi and update ls-R
2005-10-26 Don Armstrongadded templates