descriptionContents of ~/lib on most of my machines
ownerDon Armstrong
last changeSat, 16 Mar 2019 23:25:45 +0000 (16:25 -0700)
2019-03-16 Don Armstrongchange how polymode is loaded master
2019-03-16 Don Armstrongadd more snippets
2019-02-07 Don Armstrongpass path to ditaa.jar
2019-02-07 Don Armstrongenable go language support
2019-02-07 Don Armstrongload tx/tmpl for web-mode
2019-02-07 Don Armstronguse spacemacs theme
2018-06-01 Don Armstrongonly enable org-gcal if there's a reason to
2018-06-01 Don Armstrongfix company mode map
2018-03-27 Don Armstrongskip avy if we're not in emacs25
2018-03-22 Don Armstronginclude more files in the org-id locations
2018-03-12 Don Armstrongload DTRT indenting
2018-03-12 Don Armstrongwe need gnutls to require trustfiles
2018-03-12 Don Armstrongset add vcl-indent-level to safe variables
2018-02-25 Don Armstrongturn off org-edit-src-content-indentation
2018-02-24 Don Armstrongrequire gnutls
2018-02-24 Don Armstrongadd ca-global to install_packages.el too
4 weeks ago master