2018-05-11 Don Armstrongbump standards version; extra is now optional master
2018-05-11 Don Armstrongfix missing then in check for inet socket
2018-05-11 Don Armstrongdon't bother to rm/chmod/chown inet sockets
2018-05-11 Don ArmstrongRemove the pointless s suffix to seconds in sleep
2018-05-10 Don Armstrongcreate a home directory for spamass-milter (Closes...
2018-05-10 Don Armstrongremove outdated sections from rules file
2018-05-10 Don Armstrongdo not remove the socket if spamass milter is already...
2018-05-10 Don Armstrongdocument the milter_rcpt_macros which are required...
2017-10-30 Don Armstrongfix git and homepage urls to use https
2016-05-14 Don ArmstrongFix spacing and missing semicolon on Received: header... debian/0.4.0-1
2015-08-11 Don Armstrongupdate changelog for 0.4.0
2015-08-07 Don Armstrongrefresh ignore smtp auth patch
2015-08-07 Don Armstrongrefresh patches
2015-08-07 Don Armstrongremove header char cast and ipv6 support patches which...
2015-08-07 Don Armstrongremove header char cast and ipv6 support patches which...
2015-08-07 Don Armstrongupdate svn location
2015-08-07 Don ArmstrongMerge tag 'upstream/0.4.0' origin/master
2015-08-07 Don ArmstrongImported Upstream version 0.4.0 upstream origin/upstream upstream/0.4.0
2015-08-07 Don ArmstrongMerge branch 'upstream'
2015-08-07 Don Armstronginitial upstream branch
2013-11-08 donRemove /var/spool/postfix/spamass on purge if it exists... origin/trunk
2012-12-28 donCreate a spamass-milter group and a /var/lib/spamass...
2012-12-28 donDocument that the i macro should be given for postfix...
2012-12-13 donMake it more clear that OPTIONS can only be set once...
2012-06-26 donprepare for release
2012-06-21 dondocument ignore_by_smtp_auth
2012-06-21 dondocument patches
2012-06-21 donswitch to quilt
2012-06-21 don* No longer create home directory for spamass-milter...
2012-06-21 donignore .pc
2012-06-21 donremove spamass-milter.1
2012-06-21 donrevert to upstream version of and...
2012-06-21 donremove stamp-h1
2012-06-21 dondepend on autotools-dev
2012-06-21 donrevert to upstream versions of config.sub and config...
2012-06-21 donswitch back to upstream aclocal
2012-06-21 dononly remove home directory if it exists
2012-06-21 donadd trailing newline
2012-06-21 donupdate standards version; add vcs-svn and vcs-browser...
2012-06-21 dondon't create home directory for spamass-milter; delete...
2012-06-21 donswitch to dh 9
2012-06-21 donremove outdated patches
2012-06-21 donfix char* in addheader and chgheader
2012-06-21 donupdate makefile and auto* stuff
2012-06-21 dondocument SMTP AUTH option
2011-06-14 don * add remove FS to init
2011-06-14 don * remove duplicated stanza bits; update to 7
2011-06-14 don * update compat to 7
2011-06-14 donupgrade spamass-mitler
2010-03-26 donswitch to using waitpid instead of ignoring children...
2010-03-22 don * fix SIGCHLD typo
2010-03-22 donFix zombies which were happening with -x. (closes:...
2010-03-18 don * fix Russell Coker's name
2010-03-18 donfixup changelog
2010-03-13 donUse new popenenv function instead of open; fixes remote...
2009-03-11 don * it's 519245, not 519425
2009-03-11 don * the -9 version has not been released
2009-03-11 donDocument how to make inet:9999@ work (closes...
2009-03-11 donCall restorecon on the socket and pidfile directories...
2009-02-14 don* Document that using the -x option requires being...
2009-01-23 don d'Itri) (closes: #510665).
2009-01-21 don * fix usefull typo
2009-01-08 donupdate to release state
2009-01-06 don* Update milter_connect_macros_line (thanks to Marco...
2008-08-21 don* NOT RELEASED YET
2008-02-26 don* Add LSB options to init script (closes: #467145)
2007-07-06 don* Add LSB options to init script
2007-05-20 donmake new version of spamass-milter
2007-02-27 don* Use --oknodo in stop so we don't fail when spamassmil...
2007-02-20 donupdate the NEWS.Debian file
2007-02-18 donmake the user spamass-milter, and use it by default...
2007-02-18 don* Run spamass-milter as a new user, spamassmilter inste...
2007-01-29 donupdate changelog for new version
2007-01-29 donflip order of piddir and socketdir creation
2007-01-20 donadd the stupid binary-indep target
2007-01-05 donadd extra newline to the end of the watch file
2007-01-03 donfix sense of comparison
2007-01-03 donfix typo and add some semicolons
2007-01-03 donremove extraneous ;
2007-01-03 donSwitch to echoing ${NAME}, move the pidfile for postfix...
2007-01-02 donadd ENVRCPT stuff to README.Debian
2007-01-02 donadd README file to the installdocs list; update the...
2007-01-02 donupdate news.debian
2007-01-02 donsupport the old location of spamass.sock and allow...
2007-01-02 donreverse tests for the sendmail compatibility symlink
2007-01-02 donadd better tests for the sendmail compatibility symlink
2007-01-02 donand sleep before chown to allow the socket to be created
2007-01-02 donadd missing -s
2007-01-02 donmove the socket location around slightly and drop in...
2007-01-02 donadd trailing \n to .default
2007-01-02 donswitch to running the daemon as nobody and chown and...
2007-01-01 don SOCKETMODE options accordingly (closes: #391789)...
2006-10-14 donfix restart code in spamass-milter.init
2006-10-14 donFix typo in the init script
2006-10-13 donupdate changelog with fix description
2006-10-13 donauto detect postfix installs
2006-10-13 donadd moving pidfile and initscript support
2006-10-13 donupdate the postfix rules and fix a bug in the init...
2006-10-13 don * Use dirname instead of basename (closes: #391909)
2006-09-13 donmark release as unstable