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ownerDon Armstrong
last changeWed, 17 May 2017 20:54:28 +0000 (13:54 -0700)
2017-05-17 Don Armstrongadd more matches for shipping spam master
2017-04-15 Hanno 'Rince... Another rule against Phratt Spam
2017-04-15 Hanno 'Rince... Fix
2017-04-14 Hanno 'Rince... Pratt Spam added
2017-04-12 Hanno 'Rince... Another userslist
2017-04-11 Hanno 'Rince... Add Owners List
2017-04-04 Hanno 'Rince... add another phrase for Users List-Spam
2017-04-04 Hanno 'Rince... comment out the tryplugin-directive
2017-04-04 Hanno 'Rince... Fixed Typo
2017-04-04 Hanno 'Rince... not only try to load the plugin but include the rules...
2017-03-30 Hanno 'Rince... Erweitert
2017-03-30 Hanno 'Rince... Add USERSLIST as Rule in phrase_spam
2017-03-22 Don Armstrongtemporarily disable the clamav plugin
2017-03-22 Don Armstrongadd a clamav scanner to the BTS SA configuration
2017-03-19 Don Armstrongtweak the UPS Id match
2017-03-13 Don Armstrongincrease score of ZIPFILE and change SHIPPING_ID to...
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