2017-11-09 Jack Humbertupdate some docs master
2017-11-09 Zach BurchillFixed some grammar and typos on the docs (#1989)
2017-11-09 Erez ZukermanMerge pull request #1988 from qmk/hf/disable_shine_leds...
2017-11-09 Erez ZukermanMerge pull request #1986 from ideasman42/code-friendly...
2017-11-09 Erez Zukermandisables Shine LED layer indication for now
2017-11-09 Campbell Bartonqwerty_code_friendly: Expose caps-lock & fix typo
2017-11-08 OscillopeMore "oscillope" keymap fixes. (#1982)
2017-11-08 Florian BeeresImproved README of yuuki and added RGB commands (#1983)
2017-11-08 Balz Guenatrestructure converters (#1825)
2017-11-07 Campbell Bartonqwerty_code_friendly: configurable left thumb
2017-11-07 drashnaMigrated most code from keymaps to userspace (#1980)
2017-11-06 Fredric SilberbergSmall ergodox config fix and update.
2017-11-06 drashnaUpdate and move around drashna keymaps (#1976)
2017-11-06 Takayuki Matsubaramake it easy to customize logo image
2017-11-06 Takayuki Matsubaraadd pgm_read_dword for Infinity ErgoDox
2017-11-06 Fred Silberberg333fred layout update (#1971)
2017-11-06 J. Eric MasonPete's 40th XD64 Layout
2017-11-06 lucwastiauxErgodox EZ and Atreus 42 key dvorak layout updates...
2017-11-06 Jeremy CowgarCorrect the rules.mk documentation for auto shift.
2017-11-06 drashnaFix RGBLIGHT startup color (#1975)
2017-11-06 Erez ZukermanMerge pull request #1974 from qmk/f/ez_shine_layer_leds
2017-11-06 Erez Zukermanadds indication up to layer 7
2017-11-06 Jack Humbertrestore default mode/color if no 0 color
2017-11-06 Jack Humbertadds per-layer rgb color option to ez
2017-11-05 Jack Humbertupdate gh60 info
2017-11-05 Jack Humbertadd gh60 info.json
2017-11-03 Michael F.... several improvements for mitosis:datagrok (#1960)
2017-11-03 M RawashAdded hand-swap matrix to the mitosis
2017-11-03 Jenniferhave led default to off on start up
2017-11-03 Jennifermake more generic, and properly handle inits
2017-11-03 skullYfix a typo
2017-11-02 skullYDo some cleanup for the API
2017-11-02 skullYuse real greater than and less than chars
2017-11-02 skullYfix labels
2017-11-02 skullYadd labels to the clueboard layout
2017-11-02 skullYMerge branch 'master' of github.com:qmk/qmk_firmware
2017-11-02 skullYfix the clueboard layout json
2017-11-02 Jack Humbertfix 2u alignment in info.jsons
2017-11-02 Jack Humbertupdate preonic, add info.json
2017-11-02 skullYDocument info.json files
2017-11-02 skullYFix a typo
2017-11-02 Jack Humbertupdate contributing guidelines
2017-11-02 dkriegerAdd satan keymap: HHKB-alike based on dbroqua's, with...
2017-11-02 PawnerdAdded support for Knops Mini (3x2 macropad) keyboard...
2017-11-02 Jack Humbertupdate template readme
2017-11-02 Jack Humbertupdate qmk template
2017-11-02 Jack Humbertignore more makefiles
2017-11-02 QMK Botconvert to unix line-endings [skip ci]
2017-11-02 Jack Humbertadds .hex for teensy 2.0 using B0 as reset
2017-11-02 Danny NguyenAdd nano switch pad
2017-11-02 Jack HumbertAdds .qmk file type as a target for QMK Toolbox (#1084)
2017-11-01 Jack HumbertUpdate getting_started_github.md
2017-11-01 Jack Humbertadds other layouts to rules.mk
2017-11-01 Jack HumbertMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/qmk/qmk_fir...
2017-11-01 Jack Humbertupdate layout macros for planck
2017-11-01 skullYFix the json for clueboard
2017-11-01 skullYfixup json
2017-11-01 Arialdo MartiniImprovements to documentation (#1919)
2017-11-01 Jack Humbertadds info.json files to planck
2017-11-01 drashnaUpdated personal keymaps (#1945)
2017-11-01 skullYAdd info.json files for clueboard 66
2017-11-01 Danny NguyenRemove extra underscore from MASTER_RIGHT define
2017-11-01 DangerousPartsCreated Kona Classic config (#1791)
2017-11-01 DannyAdd Levinson rev2 (#1939)
2017-11-01 Rob RogersFix pointing device feature
2017-11-01 Danny NguyenAdd 6-ball macropad
2017-11-01 GlenPickleChimera Ortho Readme (#1943)
2017-10-31 Erez ZukermanMerge pull request #1915 from dondelelcaro/ergodox_ez_l...
2017-10-31 Jack Humbertupdate hand wiring link
2017-10-31 Danny NguyenAdd hexwire keymap for Eco
2017-10-31 tsankuangleeRETRO_TAPPING (#1922)
2017-10-31 Louis Orleanslayout(infinity ergodox): dudeofawesome's layout (...
2017-10-31 Louis OrleansAdd EditorConfig file (#1930)
2017-10-31 drashnaFix Pointing Device code (#1934)
2017-10-31 Takayuki Matsubarafix Logical Maximum to be recognized as 255 instead...
2017-10-31 Zach Burchillfixed two typos
2017-10-31 Gun Pinyoadd Thai layers for the GunP planck (#1910)
2017-10-31 William WilsonAdded Chimera Ortho keymap
2017-10-31 Pentti LaitinenInitial commit for nordic layout for ergodox infinity.
2017-10-31 Nathan Sharfizweihander-osx: Remove app keys, etc.
2017-10-31 Louis Orleanslayout(planck): dudeofawesome's layout with simultaneou...
2017-10-30 James MorganREADME, keymap & config update to 3 keyboards (#1911)
2017-10-30 Jody FooFix for issue https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/issue...
2017-10-30 Shihpin TsengFix process_combo.c compile warning
2017-10-30 Jeremy CowgarAdded missing RGB and Auto Shift in main feature list...
2017-10-30 Jeremy CowgarFix code example in auto shift docs
2017-10-30 Jeremy CowgarFixed various feature links
2017-10-30 Maxr1998Add grave key
2017-10-29 Sebastian KaimExtended the hint of the programmer to link to the...
2017-10-29 Sebastian KaimAdded a better description for the bootloader key
2017-10-29 Jack Humbertadds flashing docs
2017-10-29 Campbell Bartonergodox qwerty_code_friendly: add macro keys (#1918)
2017-10-29 Pentti LaitinenAdded Iso(ish) layout for tada68. (#1924)
2017-10-27 Don Armstrongdocument how to define LEFT_LEDS and how that hack... ergodox_ez_left_leds
2017-10-27 Don Armstrongimplement ergodox_left_leds_update in ergodox_ez
2017-10-27 Don Armstrongupdate left led support
2017-10-27 Don Armstrongadd initial support for left leds on an ergodox ez
2017-10-25 Ethan MaddenSmall documentation and keymap tweaks for my minivan...
2017-10-25 Sebastian Kaimadded bfake support as a subproject (#1903)
2017-10-25 Manassarn ManoonchaiAdd narze keymaps for Ergodox & Planck with SuperDuper...