fix missing ) for org-mode
[lib.git] / emacs_el /
2018-01-16 Don Armstrongfix missing ) for org-mode
2018-01-16 Don Armstrongit's message, not message-mode
2018-01-16 Don Armstrongdefine appt integration
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongset the current lat/long
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongmove debian specific stuff to a section
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongmove global-auto-revert mode
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongadd helm google and zap-to-char
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongremove bind-key
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongremove
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongload org mode only when needed
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongflyspell is turned on in its own mode
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongfix message attachment
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongremove web-mode
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongrequire use-package and/or install it
2018-01-10 Don Armstronguse-package should be installed using list-packages
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongadd font-latex
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongmove mail configuration to its own snippet
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongput org-gcal with org mode
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongmove post to its own section
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongmove out bibtex to its own section
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongonly start the server if it isn't already running
2018-01-10 Don Armstrongignore errors when starting the chrome server
2018-01-10 Don Armstronguse ids if they already exist
2018-01-06 Don Armstrongstore the UID when outputting to a calendar
2018-01-06 Don Armstrongstop calling reftex-parse-all on every org-mode setup
2018-01-06 Don Armstrongload web-mode if it exists
2018-01-06 Don Armstrongfix helm-swoop-pre-fill
2017-12-29 Don Armstrongadd missing ) to configuration
2017-12-19 Don Armstronguse C<> for sub
2017-12-19 Don Armstronguse package for cperl mode
2017-12-19 Don Armstrongadd more helm modes
2017-12-08 Don Armstrongadd interactive writing mode function
2017-12-08 Don Armstronguse jumping stuff
2017-12-06 Don Armstronguse mc everywhere instead of iedit
2017-12-06 Don Armstrongopen atomic-chrome in full windows
2017-12-06 Don Armstrongadd back is-project-p
2017-12-05 Don Armstrongswitch from iedit to multiple cursors mode
2017-12-05 Don Armstrongcheckout ya-snippet-snippets
2017-12-05 Don Armstrongess configuration is now in
2017-12-05 Don Armstrongwe no longer have to require org-mode configuratino
2017-12-05 Don Armstrongadd auto yasnippet and snippet directories
2017-12-05 Don Armstrongdisable custom-vars
2017-12-05 Don Armstronguse-package after package-initialize
2017-12-05 Don Armstrongset safe local variables
2017-12-05 Don Armstrongmigrate org mode configuration to
2017-11-16 Don Armstrongjust file org mode configuration directly
2017-11-16 Don Armstrongremove outdated library paths
2017-11-16 Don Armstrongadd atomic-chrome support
2017-11-16 Don Armstronguse writeroom-mode hook to set auto-fill
2017-10-19 Don Armstronguse writeroom mode
2017-09-22 Don Armstronglatex-fill-excluded should happen after latex is loaded
2017-08-14 Don Armstrongfix the refile from remember-mail to use %:link et...
2017-07-24 Don Armstrongmagit-vcsh is not in melpa
2017-07-24 Don Armstrongupdate tiny-tools
2017-07-24 Don Armstrongload magit-vcsh
2017-07-24 Don Armstrongsystem-name returns the hostname, not the FQDN
2017-07-19 Don Armstrongadd to org mode configuration
2017-06-13 Don Armstrongabstract out reftex loading
2017-06-12 Don Armstrongadd timeline all command
2017-06-12 Don Armstrongwe don't need ensure f
2017-06-12 Don Armstrongload flyspell separately
2017-05-15 Don Armstrongalso bind C-x C-g to magit
2017-05-12 Don Armstrongbind C-x g to magit status globally
2017-04-29 Don Armstrongalways use the -f option to latexmk
2017-04-29 Don Armstrongprefer vertical splits
2017-04-29 Don Armstronguse xelatex for previewing
2017-04-29 Don Armstrongredefine TMUX keybindings
2017-04-29 Don Armstrongwe want to use -iedit mode everywhere
2017-04-29 Don Armstronguse-package for tex
2017-04-29 Don Armstronguse org-gcal
2017-04-29 Don Armstrongremove tab for ya snippet globally
2017-04-29 Don Armstrongconfig rainbow x-colors after loading
2017-04-29 Don Armstrongadd dlaresume
2017-04-11 Don Armstrongadd magit-vcsh
2017-04-10 Don Armstronguse-package with polymode
2017-04-10 Don Armstrongload outline magic
2017-04-06 Don Armstrongdon't compile el files
2017-04-06 Don Armstrongremove hydra and lv.el
2017-04-06 Don Armstrongadd dlacv to latex classes
2017-04-06 Don Armstrongremove rainbowmode
2017-03-13 Don Armstrongremove unecessary submodules
2017-03-13 Don Armstronguse --no-save --no-restore-history in R
2016-12-11 Don Armstrongmove helm configuration to don-configuration
2016-11-30 Don Armstrongadd automatic reminders for appointments
2016-11-30 Don ArmstrongMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.donarmstrong...
2016-11-30 Don Armstronguse ispell instead of aspell
2016-11-09 Don Armstronguse linnode, not rzlab
2016-11-09 Don Armstrongwe don't actually *need* rainbow-mode
2016-11-09 Don Armstronguse-package for rainbow-mode
2016-11-09 Don Armstrongensure magit and magit-annex
2016-11-09 Don Armstrongfix missing parenthesis in tinyprocmail
2016-11-09 Don Armstrongfix syntax error
2016-11-09 Don Armstrongrequire ess using use-package
2016-11-09 Don Armstronguse-package helm
2016-11-09 Don Armstronguse-package magit
2016-06-24 Don Armstrongupdate org files
2016-06-16 Don Armstrongfix misc typo
2016-06-09 Don Armstrongcall evince_annot instead of evince
2016-05-23 Don Armstrongadd from-mobile to agenda files
2016-05-16 Don Armstrongrequire package