2017-10-17 Didier RaboudAgenda update master
2017-07-17 Didier RaboudAdd 20170719 meeting
2017-07-17 Didier RaboudConfirm some more meetings
2017-07-17 Didier RaboudUpdate agenda
2017-07-05 Didier RaboudChair election is done
2017-07-04 Didier RaboudAdd 865485 votes so far
2017-06-18 Didier RaboudUpdate member list with expiry years
2017-06-18 Didier RaboudAdd 20170621 meeting
2017-06-19 Didier Raboudmember was agreed upon, what about the chair now?
2017-06-20 Didier RaboudUpdate agenda
2017-05-17 Didier RaboudAdd 20170517 meeting
2017-05-16 Didier RaboudUpdate agenda
2017-04-25 Didier RaboudMove the -done issues to resolved
2017-04-25 Didier RaboudAdd tfheen's vote
2017-04-25 Didier RaboudAdd three more votes
2017-04-19 Didier RaboudAdd current votes
2017-04-19 Didier RaboudAdd 2017-04-19 meeting log
2017-04-19 Didier RaboudUpdate the todolist
2017-04-19 Didier RaboudUpdated agenda
2017-04-18 Didier RaboudUpdate members' list
2017-03-15 Didier RaboudAgenda update
2017-02-22 Didier RaboudAdd the 2017-02-22 meeting
2017-02-21 Didier RaboudUpdate to reflect current list of issues
2017-02-21 Didier RaboudAdd meetings until end of the year at third Wed of...
2017-02-21 Didier RaboudMark February's meeting as confirmed
2017-01-12 Sam HartmanNMU should not be delayed.
2017-01-12 Sam HartmanProposal for an interim ballot for mips binutils
2016-12-22 Tollef Fog... Fix up my vote to make devotee not complain
2016-12-22 Margarita ManterolaUpdate my preferences
2016-12-22 Tollef Fog... Update my meeting time votes
2016-12-20 Didier RaboudConfirm January meeting
2016-12-20 Didier RaboudUpdate agenda, mark february meeting as tentative so...
2016-12-20 Didier RaboudMove 841294 to resolved_issues
2016-12-09 Didier RaboudAdd initial 841294 ballot draft
2016-12-09 Didier RaboudUpdate my Jan & Feb meeting votes
2016-12-09 Didier RaboudRemove don and aba votes for the 2017 meetings
2016-12-09 Didier RaboudAdd February poll, put initial January IRC meeting in
2016-12-09 Didier RaboudDecember meeting will happen on "Thursday 18:00 UTC...
2016-11-22 Didier RaboudAdd 20161120 meeting
2016-11-21 Didier RaboudRefresh agenda with current topics
2016-11-01 Margarita ManterolaUpdate agenda for November meeting
2016-11-01 Margarita ManterolaAdd January meeting, with December votes
2016-11-01 Margarita ManterolaRemove November poll
2016-11-01 Margarita ManterolaNovember meeting will happen on "Tuesday 17:00 UTC...
2016-11-01 Margarita ManterolaMark October's meeting as cancelled. This event didn...
2016-09-29 Sam HartmanCannot attend Nov 24 meeting
2016-09-29 Margarita ManterolaUpdate my meeting preferences
2016-09-29 Keith Packardmeeting_poll: Keith notes US holiday on Thu Nov 24
2016-09-24 Didier RaboudUpdate agenda
2016-09-25 Didier RaboudOctober meeting will happen on "Thursday 18:00 UTC...
2016-09-25 Didier RaboudAdd November and December meetings as tentative
2016-09-25 Didier RaboudAdd December meeting poll, with the November votes
2016-09-25 Didier RaboudI'll be VAC then
2016-08-31 Didier RaboudNominees' names will not be made public (at least that...
2016-08-31 Didier RaboudUse TC instead of CTTE
2016-08-30 Don Armstrongadd e-mail messages for new ctte members
2016-08-30 Don Armstrongadd 20160830 meeting
2016-08-28 Didier RaboudRefresh agenda
2016-08-28 Didier RaboudAdd November meeting poll, with the October votes
2016-08-28 Didier RaboudSeptember meeting will happen on "Thursday 18:00 UTC...
2016-08-28 Didier RaboudUpdate agenda
2016-08-28 Didier RaboudAdd Sep & Oct meetings, as tentative
2016-08-25 Didier RaboudMove 830344 as it's now solved
2016-08-25 Didier RaboudAdd tfheen's vote
2016-08-24 Didier RaboudAdd #830344 votes up to now
2016-07-29 Didier RaboudAdd October meeting poll, with the September votes
2016-07-29 Didier RaboudAugust meeting will happen on "Tuesday 18:00 UTC (Augus...
2016-07-29 Didier RaboudShorten agenda in prevision for next time
2016-07-28 Sam HartmanAdd minutes for 2016-07-03 breakfast meeting
2016-07-28 Didier RaboudAdd 20160728 meeting
2016-07-18 Sam HartmanAdd some additional items to agenda
2016-07-17 Don Armstrongupdate don's vote for the september meeting
2016-07-17 Philip Handsupdate Phil's meeting votes
2016-07-17 Didier RaboudRefresh agenda
2016-07-17 Didier RaboudAdd September meeting with June votes
2016-07-17 Didier RaboudMark the June meeting as cancelled, confirm the July...
2016-07-15 Don Armstrongactually strip out spaces from the option name
2016-07-15 Don Armstrongadd don's vote for the august meeting
2016-07-12 Didier RaboudFix patch typo, it worked by magic
2016-07-12 Didier RaboudAdd script used to test constitution SRP cornercases
2016-07-12 Didier RaboudFix the display of dropped or kept options
2016-07-12 Didier RaboudImplement 2015/vote_003 patch on the constitution in...
2016-07-12 Didier Raboudpocket-devotee: Fix regex with non-greedy option name...
2016-07-12 Keith PackardAdd keithp's vote for August
2016-07-12 Margarita ManterolaAdd marga's vote for July and August
2016-07-12 Didier RaboudRework the intro_sheet, also add the meetings.ics refer...
2016-07-12 Didier RaboudAdd my vote for august meeting
2016-07-12 Didier RaboudUpdate meeting poll
2016-07-12 Didier RaboudAdd marga's nomination mail and term expiry
2016-07-08 Margarita ManterolaAdd a couple of extra sections and tweak the language.
2016-07-08 Tollef Fog... Fix typos
2016-07-07 Didier RaboudAdd initial intro_sheet from the IRC discussion; please...
2016-07-05 Didier RaboudAdd aba, and conclude
2016-07-05 Didier RaboudAdd tfheen vote
2016-07-05 Didier RaboudFix keithp's vote, add mine
2016-07-05 Didier RaboudAdd philh's vote
2016-07-05 Didier RaboudAdd marga's vote
2016-07-05 Didier RaboudAdd script with keithp & hartmans votes
2016-05-31 Didier RaboudAdd 2016-05-31 meeting
2016-04-27 Didier RaboudAdd members.csv to keep track of the expiry dates