2019-08-24 Don Armstronguse Debbugs::Common::open_compressed_file instead debian master
2019-08-23 Don Armstrongremove mips as an architecture
2019-08-23 Don Armstronguse open_compresed file and give more output when scanl...
2019-08-23 Don Armstrongadd all to the architecture list
2019-08-23 Don Armstrongadd mips64el to architectures
2018-09-13 Don ArmstrongMerge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
2018-09-05 Niels Thykiermake-britney-counts: Check return value of close
2018-01-27 Don Armstrongupdate for stretch release in dohtml
2017-12-04 Don Armstrongplot the release graph from stretch release
2017-12-04 Don Armstrongclose <font> tags
2017-12-04 Don Armstrongadd missing } to FilterBugsStable
2017-12-04 Don Armstrongadd oldstable variable
2017-12-04 Don Armstrongthe output location for bugscan is under /src
2017-12-04 Don ArmstrongSwitch the documentation to match the current default...
2017-12-04 Don Armstrongcheck oldstable bug totals
2017-08-10 Don Armstrongremove definnition for makestatistics; add missing ()
2017-08-10 Don Armstrongwwwnumber and wwwname take arguments; () is wrong.
2017-08-09 Don Armstronguse lib dirname(__FILE__) for everything
2017-08-09 Don Armstronguse lib dirname(__FILE__) for scanlib and bugcfg
2017-04-09 Don Armstrongskip section if it is not defined
2017-02-09 Don Armstrongfix release names; thanks Andrew Paradis
2016-11-13 Don Armstrongremove ia64 too
2016-11-13 Don Armstrongremove powerpc, add arm64
2016-11-13 Don Armstrongfix Uncompress typo
2016-11-13 Don Armstronguse IO::Uncompress::AnyUncompress to handle .xz
2015-08-28 Don Armstrongremove kfreebsd-* and add ppc64el to the list of archit...
2015-04-27 Don Armstrongswitch the defaults to the current release
2015-01-25 Tomas Pospiseksearch.debian.org is broken when used via https
2015-01-25 Tomas Pospisekuse protocol relative links
2015-01-25 Tomas Pospisekadd link to CSS
2015-01-25 Don Armstrongmakemainpage should call html_header() not header()
2015-01-24 Tomas Pospisekmore precise function naming
2015-01-24 Tomas Pospisekuse same CSS styles as rest of Debian's web pages
2015-01-24 Tomas Pospisekprettify
2015-01-24 Tomas Pospisekfix HTML code
2015-01-24 Tomas Pospisekadd whitespace to make easier to read
2015-01-24 Tomas Pospisekconsistently use 'date_time' for the same variable
2015-01-24 Tomas Pospisekname parameters to make code easier to understand
2015-01-24 Tomas Pospisekadd missing HTML closing tags
2015-01-24 Tomas Pospisekfactor out HTML closing tags
2015-01-24 Tomas Pospisekfactor out common HTML page creation notice ...
2015-01-24 Tomas Pospisekfactor out common HTML header output into 'html_header...
2014-11-18 Don Armstrongadd link to udd
2014-05-21 Don Armstrongremove sparc and s390 from architecture listing
2014-04-17 Don Armstrongbuild pseudopackage page (closes: #745042)
2014-03-06 Don Armstrongbugscan now uses basename
2014-03-06 Don Armstrongremove useless prototypes
2014-03-06 Don Armstronguse warnings and strict
2014-02-06 Don Armstrongfix map in scanlib
2014-01-22 Nicolas DandrimontLink to new graphs in the generated html
2014-01-22 Nicolas DandrimontMake RC bug graphs for the last month and since the...
2013-12-08 Don Armstrongfix bugcfg usage in bugcounts
2013-12-07 Don Armstrongit's bugcfg not bug_cfg
2013-12-07 Don Armstrongfix lack of oldstable in disttags
2013-12-07 Don Armstrongdebian sources and ftproot were completely wrong in...
2013-12-05 Don ArmstrongDetermine releases automatically from Debbugs::Config
2013-05-05 Don Armstrongchange bugscan to acocunt for the release of wheezy
2013-05-03 Don ArmstrongMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.donarmstrong...
2013-05-03 Don Armstrongskip bugs which have already been counted while countin...
2013-04-02 Don Armstrongput stdout into encoding UTF-8 mode
2013-03-18 Don Armstrongfix Use of qw(...) as parentheses is deprecated
2012-11-12 Don Armstrongcheck the status of the wheezy-ignore tag, not squeeze...
2012-11-06 Don Armstrongchange tracked release architectures to match what...
2012-05-29 Don Armstrongadd patch from Mehdi Dogguy to fix src:package urls...
2011-06-16 Debian BTSfix YA problem with bugscan bugs-master/debian bugs-master/master don/debian don/master github/debian github/master
2011-06-15 Debian BTSmerge changes from dla bugscan tree
2011-06-15 Don Armstrong * it's /db-h, not just the spool directory
2011-06-15 Debian BTSswitch to the right ftp root
2011-06-13 Debian BTSmerge changes from dla bugscan tree
2011-06-13 Don Armstrong * fix missing semicolon
2011-06-13 Debian BTSmerge changes from dla bugscan tree
2011-06-13 Don Armstrongadd patch from Mehdi Dogguy to color lines of the RC...
2011-06-13 Don Armstrongcleanup configuration to use Debbugs::Config
2011-02-06 Debian BTShandle the release of squeeze and wheezy being the...
2010-08-01 Debian BTSmerge changes from dla bugscan
2010-08-01 Don Armstrong * cleanup readpackages to be more standard perl
2010-05-11 Don Armstrong * get rid of useless prototypes
2010-04-17 Don Armstrong* fix wrong use of sarge (#528466)
2010-04-14 Debian BTSmerge in bugscan fixes
2010-04-13 Don Armstrongignore undefined values when we filter
2010-04-13 Don Armstronguse stat and date properly instead of ls tomfoolery
2010-03-30 Debian BTSsupport busoni in bugcfg.pm
2010-02-22 Debian BTSmerge changes from don bugscan branch
2010-02-22 Debian BTSupdate architectures to exclude alpha
2010-02-22 Don Armstrongallow colons in package names to work with src: bits
2009-02-17 Debian BTSswitch from arm to armel
2009-02-16 Debian BTSskip counts which end in .bad
2009-02-15 Debian BTSswitch from lenny to squeeze, and etch to lenny
2008-09-26 Debian BTSmerge changes from dla bugscan
2008-09-26 Don Armstrong * specifically ignore bugs tagged lenny-ignore for...
2007-06-19 Steinar H.... Give "source" as architecture for bug_presence(), in...
2007-06-18 Steinar H.... Also add bug number lists, per aba's request.
2007-06-18 Steinar H.... Make the britney count files more-or-less atomically...
2007-06-18 Steinar H.... Add make-britney-counts to the crontab.
2007-06-18 Steinar H.... Output testing/unstable counts britney can use.
2007-06-17 Steinar H.... Merge from mainline.
2007-06-17 Steinar H.... Changed the default suite tags, after Debconf 7 discussion.
2007-04-10 Debian BTSMore fixes for etch as stable.
2007-04-10 Debian BTSEtch is out! Switch to etch/lenny as current/next.
2007-04-10 Debian BTSMove stuff back into their original places.