descriptionZsh related files for my home directories
ownerDon Armstrong
last changeFri, 26 Apr 2019 04:44:00 +0000 (21:44 -0700)
2019-04-26 Don Armstrongfix st- match master
2019-04-26 Don Armstrongswitch term if it is st-
2019-04-17 Don Armstronguse gpg-connect-agent
2019-04-17 Don Armstrongswitch to allow st-256colors
2018-04-04 Don Armstrongignore git changes in preprompt
2017-08-14 Don Armstrongskip rest of zshrc if this is a dumb terminal (TRAMP)
2017-06-30 Don Armstrongadd stterm to dircolors
2017-06-29 Don Armstrongsupport stterm
2017-04-14 Don Armstrongneeds to be a regex
2017-04-14 Don Armstrongswitch from rxvt to xterm if there's no termcap
2016-08-01 Don Armstrongremove listsub/unsub and add disable r
2016-06-30 Don Armstrongit's MUSIC_DIR
2016-06-30 Don Armstrongadd xdg music settings
2015-04-28 Don Armstrongadd machine color
2014-09-24 Don Armstrongif /var/list/.bin exists, prepend it to path
2014-09-22 Don Armstrongremove 90_db
13 months ago master