descriptionConfiguration files for machines with minimal X installs and remote X
ownerDon Armstrong
last changeMon, 23 Apr 2018 18:15:48 +0000 (11:15 -0700)
2018-04-23 Don Armstrongfix notifier typo master
2018-04-23 Don Armstrongdefault to hide the state bar, but show it when the...
2017-12-13 Don Armstronguse xautlock as well
2017-11-01 Don Armstronguse mpd in preference to mopidy; it's much faster
2017-10-29 Don Armstronguse a slightly larger fontsize
2017-10-29 Don Armstrongonly delete properly named .xsession files
2017-10-29 Don Armstronguse cmd_exists and fork
2017-08-11 Don Armstrongsimplify the window manager fallback code
2017-08-11 Don Armstrongmodern versions of redshift use geoclue2 which is better
2017-08-11 Don Armstrongdon't expose my current location in my .xsession
2017-06-29 Don Armstrongadd unignore rule for fixed 10x20 in fontconfig
2017-06-29 Don Armstronguse exec exec and st
2017-06-27 Don Armstronguse pixelsize
2017-06-27 Don Armstrongadd symbola and unifont fallback fonts
2017-06-24 Don Armstrongload nm-applet if there is a wireless device
2017-06-24 Don Armstrongadd screensaver lock command
15 months ago master