Another rule against Phratt Spam
[spamassassin_config.git] / common / phrase_spam
2017-04-15 Hanno 'Rince' WagnerAnother rule against Phratt Spam
2017-04-15 Hanno 'Rince' WagnerFix
2017-04-14 Hanno 'Rince' WagnerPratt Spam added
2017-04-12 Hanno 'Rince' WagnerAnother userslist
2017-04-11 Hanno 'Rince' WagnerAdd Owners List
2017-04-04 Hanno 'Rince' Wagneradd another phrase for Users List-Spam
2017-03-30 Hanno 'Rince' WagnerErweitert
2017-03-30 Hanno 'Rince' WagnerAdd USERSLIST as Rule in phrase_spam
2016-12-21 Alexander WirtAdd another seo rule
2016-12-20 Alexander WirtAdd something against SEO Spam
2015-06-09 Alexander WirtBlock need more clients
2015-06-09 Alexander WirtBlock business leads spam
2014-10-07 Alexander WirtAdd todayshow rule
2014-06-12 Alexander WirtAdjust some scores
2014-05-31 Alexander WirtScore CAPINIT test down
2014-05-26 Alexander WirtTest for german job spam
2014-04-23 Alexander WirtBlock lymboo math
2013-11-08 Alexander WirtBan the phrase "integrated marketing"
2012-03-07 Don Armstrongblock halftone systems; move header rules to phrase_spa...
2012-02-06 Alexander WirtFix rule
2012-02-06 Alexander WirtBlock "my name is" spam
2011-10-24 Alexander WirtAdd a rule against sharing spam
2011-10-17 Don Armstrong * ONEWORDBODY needs to match rawbody, not body
2011-10-03 Don Armstrong * add trial version rule
2011-10-03 Don Armstrong * add onewordbody and onewordall meta rule
2011-09-29 Don Armstrong * tweak INVITESYOU rule to match communicate with you
2011-09-28 Don Armstrong * match webinar; fix SEO rule
2011-09-22 Don Armstrong * add SEO meta rule
2011-09-22 Don Armstrong * make quota limit rule even broader
2011-09-22 Don Armstrong * add quota exceeded rule
2011-01-25 Don Armstrong * add bizzbooster to phrase_spam
2011-01-07 Alexander WirtGet rid of the New Year Card spam
2011-01-02 Don Armstrong * tweak escape since \Q\E doesn't work
2010-12-28 Don Armstrong * fix interpolation of @
2010-12-28 Don Armstrong * block modern art spam
2010-09-24 Don Armstrong * add AAVEHICLE check rule
2010-08-21 Don Armstrong * add cannot view rule
2010-08-18 Don Armstrong * decrease score for award winning
2010-07-06 Don Armstrong * add invites you rule
2009-08-31 Martin Zobel-Helasfix second column
2009-08-31 Martin Zobel-Helasdescribe WAITINGREPLY We don't care about Ayda 10...
2009-03-03 Don Armstrong * add htmlcomptable rule
2009-03-01 Don Armstrong * fix yari subject rule description
2009-02-14 Don Armstrong * add rule to match yari garbage
2009-02-14 Don Armstrong * modify JOINMEON rule to also match friend request...
2009-02-09 Don Armstrong * add rule about apartment spam
2009-02-06 Don Armstrong * don't bother to join people on things
2009-02-05 Don Armstrong * add rule to block wine season spam
2009-02-02 Don Armstrong * block life changers spam
2009-01-11 Don Armstrong * kill stuff from linked in
2008-12-27 Cord Beermannmove 'award winning' from rc.spam to SA
2008-12-19 Don Armstrong * fix decribe typo
2008-12-19 Don Armstrong * tweak the rule some more
2008-12-19 Don Armstrong * add live spaces uri url
2008-12-13 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-09-04 Don Armstrong * make the yourname rule case insensitive
2008-09-04 Don Armstrong * add yourname rule
2008-09-03 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-08-08 Don Armstrong * make .com in scour optional
2008-08-06 Don Armstrong * fix soubject subject typo
2008-07-30 Don Armstrong * Add rule to match scour invites
2008-07-30 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-07-22 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-07-20 Thomas Viehmannameliorate Xorg bug reports score
2008-06-16 Don Armstrongfix || typo in FASHION rule
2008-06-13 Don Armstrong * Tweak fashion url some more
2008-06-13 Don Armstrongfix mistake in UNI_DIPLOMA
2008-06-13 Don Armstrongupdate the university degrees; add a fashion matcher
2008-05-14 Don Armstrongadd contact us by email spam rule
2008-05-06 Don Armstrong * add watinging for your reply rule
2008-05-02 Don Armstrong * Bump up the score on the want to chat spam to counte...
2008-04-30 Don Armstrong * tweak the diploma rules
2008-04-30 Don Armstrongadd blars patches and claim ticket rules
2008-04-30 Don Armstrong * tweak wanttochat to match twitter crap
2008-04-30 Don Armstrongapply blars patches
2008-04-24 Don Armstrong * add invitationfrom rule
2008-04-19 Don Armstrong * add missing ? to optionalize the s in feels
2008-04-19 Don Armstrong * Make chat rules broader and consolidate
2008-04-19 Don Armstrongadd blars changes
2008-04-02 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-03-30 Don Armstrongadd blars rules
2008-03-24 Don Armstrongadd more blars rules
2008-03-20 Don Armstrong * update myname is some more
2008-03-20 Don Armstrong * fix dscription of mymsnnameis
2008-03-19 Don Armstrong * fix msnname rule to match more stuff
2008-03-19 Don Armstrong * Add mymsnnameis rule
2008-03-17 Don Armstrong * Fix subbodyrep rule to be a full rule
2008-03-17 Don Armstrong * Add subbodyrep rule to match words in subject repeat...
2008-03-16 Don Armstrongupdate rules for blars changes
2008-03-05 Don Armstrongadd blars changes
2008-02-26 Don Armstrongadd blars rules, and match vista ultimate too
2008-02-23 Don Armstrongmatch microsoft office enterprise
2008-02-23 Don Armstrong * Add ebay member spam
2008-02-23 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-01-15 Don Armstrongadd blars changes to rules
2008-01-08 Don Armstrongmatch buy the product spams
2008-01-08 Don Armstrong * Add blars changes to SA rules
2008-01-01 Thomas Viehmannphrase spam: from: pls check this new site
2008-01-01 Don Armstrongadd blars changes to spam rules
2008-01-01 Martin Zobel-Helasnew phrase spam: Pls check this new site