descriptionDebian packaging of rsem
ownerDon Armstrong
last changeWed, 3 Sep 2014 21:43:53 +0000 (16:43 -0500)
2014-09-03 Bo LiAdded error detection for cases such as a read's two... master
2014-08-18 Bo LiModified WHAT_IS_NEW
2014-08-11 Bo LiCorrected a typo in rsem-generate-data-matrix
2014-06-19 Bo LiAdded .gitignore file back
2014-06-16 Bo LiDeleted a ';' at the end of RSEM v1.2.15 updates
2014-06-16 Bo LiUpdated WHAT_IS_NEW
2014-06-16 Bo LiAllowed for a subset of reference sequences to be decla...
2014-06-15 Bo LiAdded advanced options for customizing Gibbs sampler...
2014-06-13 Colin DeweyAdded .gitignore to ignore built files
2014-06-13 Colin DeweyRemoved Mac ._* files from repo
2014-06-09 Bo LiUpdated and WHAT_IS_NEW
2014-06-08 Bo LiFor genome BAM, modified MD tag accordingly
2014-06-08 Bo LiRenamed makefile as Makefile
2014-06-06 Bo LiModified the use of uniform_01
2014-06-06 Bo LiUpdated boost to v1.55.0
2014-06-06 Bo LiAdded posterior standard deviation of counts as output...
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