2015-03-04 John Kitchinsave buffer after replacing non-ascii
2015-03-04 John Kitchinadded documentation at top
2015-03-04 John Kitchinmake key-bindings customizable
2015-03-04 John Kitchincheckdoc fixes.
2015-03-04 John Kitchinadd tangle blocks for new helm-bibtex features
2015-03-04 John Kitchinadd book-chapter support
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd some autoloads
2015-03-03 John Kitchinchange installation instructions
2015-03-03 John Kitchinchange installation directions
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd contributors
2015-03-03 John Kitchinfix compile and clean-elc targets
2015-03-03 John Kitchindo not tangle the el files twice.
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd org require
2015-03-03 John Kitchintry tangling before cask call
2015-03-03 John Kitchinrm -l init.el
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd tangled target
2015-03-03 John Kitchinmake tangled el files
2015-03-03 John Kitchinmake the el files
2015-03-03 John Kitchinrm load org-ref-init.el and replace with org-ref.el
2015-03-03 John KitchinMerge branch 'divinenephron-master-pr20'
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd hydra require
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd key-chord dependency
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd key-chord dependency
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd key-chord requirement
2015-03-03 John KitchinMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd prefix arg to replace keywords
2015-03-03 John Kitchintest only snapshot
2015-03-03 John Kitchinspacing fixes
2015-03-03 John Kitchinhydra menus for bibtex entries
2015-03-03 Devon BuchananAdded .cask to .gitignore.
2015-03-03 Devon BuchananModified the makefile to conforms better to the emacs...
2015-03-03 Devon BuchananLaid out the package header conventionally.
2015-03-03 Devon BuchananMade short description 36 characters or less.
2015-03-03 John Kitchinsimple test
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd travis badge
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd travis testing
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd Makefile
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd cl for loop command
2015-03-03 John KitchinMerge branch 'OlafMerkert-master'
2015-03-03 John KitchinMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-03 John KitchinMerge branch 'divinenephron-master'
2015-03-03 John KitchinMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd keyword support
2015-03-03 Devon BuchananFixed error in load-path in org-ref-init.el
2015-03-03 Devon BuchananAdded org-ref-init.el and a Cask file to create a package.
2015-03-03 John Kitchincleaning up tag entries
2015-03-03 John Kitchinmodify helm-bibtex to put keywords in the search, and...
2015-03-03 John Kitchinreplace a quote
2015-03-02 Olaf Merkertadd prefix to `concat-prepare' to avoid conflicts
2015-03-02 Olaf Merkertin elisp, `setq' works like `defparameter' in Common...
2015-03-02 John Kitchinchange notangle to tangle
2015-03-02 John Kitchinmaybe this is just a tangle issue.
2015-03-02 John Kitchinuses defpar which causes an issue on loading for me.
2015-03-02 John KitchinMerge pull request #17 from OlafMerkert/master
2015-03-01 Olaf Merkertneed to convert data from into strings
2015-03-01 Olaf Merkertadd support for bibtex-type book
2015-03-01 Olaf Merkertreimplement doi-utils-doi-to-bibtex-string
2015-02-26 John Kitchinspacing fix
2015-02-26 John Kitchinchange label color to magenta
2015-02-26 John Kitchinmake hi-lock-mode buffer local when colorizing links.
2015-02-26 John Kitchinadd global-hi-lock to avoid annoying warning
2015-02-24 John Kitchinset some blocks not to tangle
2015-02-24 John Kitchintrim urls in case they have leading or trailing spaces.
2015-02-23 John Kitchindelete result
2015-02-23 John Kitchinwrap hydra code in featurep
2015-02-23 John Kitchinfix block tangles
2015-02-23 John Kitchindo not tangle a block
2015-02-23 John Kitchinadd line after function
2015-02-23 John Kitchintangle the hydra out. add doc to onclick function for...
2015-02-23 John Kitchinfix keys in body
2015-02-23 John Kitchinchange copy key to K
2015-02-23 John Kitchinmake p in Pubmed capital
2015-02-23 John Kitchinadd hydra menu
2015-02-20 John Kitchinrm interactive on org-ref-key-in-file
2015-02-20 John Kitchinmodify find key in file
2015-02-19 John Kitchinset tangle option to no on a block, delete another...
2015-02-19 John Kitchinadd example of how i setup org-ref
2015-02-15 John Kitchinspace change.
2015-02-15 John Kitchinadd tangle arg
2015-02-14 John Kitchinadd new nonascii dash
2015-02-14 John Kitchinadd helm-config
2015-02-03 John Kitchinfix minor bug in isbn-to-bibtex-lead function
2015-02-03 John Kitchinspacing and punctuation in doc strings.
2015-02-03 John Kitchinadd label and ref coloring
2015-02-03 John Kitchinchange ref color to dark red
2015-02-03 John Kitchini think my regexps work now.
2015-02-03 John Kitchinbeginning of colorize links
2015-02-02 John Kitchinremove \n from query. this seems to cause trouble in...
2015-02-02 John Kitchinfix bug in missing bibtex file arg
2015-01-31 John Kitchinpolished isbn function
2015-01-31 John Kitchinadd documentation
2015-01-31 John Kitchinadd isbn to bibtex and fix several substring typos
2015-01-31 John Kitchinadd isbn function
2015-01-31 John Kitchinpolish the crossref function.
2015-01-31 John Kitchinfinished version of function to query crossref
2015-01-31 John Kitchinpolishing add function
2015-01-31 John Kitchinremove doi add from region command.
2015-01-30 John Kitchincomment out the tangle for this script
2015-01-30 John Kitchintry making it more robust to open doi in browser if...
2015-01-30 John Kitchinpolish order of operations