2009-03-30 donwe've released
2009-03-30 don* Sanitize the makefile to not be so repetitive
2009-03-30 donFix supr{essed,ising} issues in english-words.95, thank...
2008-07-11 don * specify iso8859-1 as the input character type
2008-07-11 don * fix triple letter misspellings
2008-07-11 don * ditch more obvious mispellings from english-words.95
2008-07-11 don * ditch Citticano
2008-07-11 don* NOT RELEASED YET
2008-07-04 don* Taking over this package (Closes: #487734)
2008-07-04 don * move scowl to the right location
2008-07-04 don[svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk
2008-07-04 don[svn-inject] Forking scowl source to Trunk
2008-07-04 don[svn-inject] Installing original source of scowl