use lib dirname(__FILE__) for everything
[bugscan.git] / make-britney-counts
2017-08-09 Don Armstronguse lib dirname(__FILE__) for everything
2013-12-05 Don ArmstrongDetermine releases automatically from Debbugs::Config
2012-11-12 Don Armstrongcheck the status of the wheezy-ignore tag, not squeeze...
2010-02-22 Debian BTSmerge changes from don bugscan branch
2010-02-22 Don Armstrongallow colons in package names to work with src: bits
2009-02-15 Debian BTSswitch from lenny to squeeze, and etch to lenny
2008-09-26 Debian BTSmerge changes from dla bugscan
2008-09-26 Don Armstrong * specifically ignore bugs tagged lenny-ignore for...
2007-06-18 Steinar H. GundersonAlso add bug number lists, per aba's request.
2007-06-18 Steinar H. GundersonMake the britney count files more-or-less atomically...
2007-06-18 Steinar H. GundersonOutput testing/unstable counts britney can use.