2011-08-12 Alexander WirtBlock concernant Compte SFR
2011-08-06 Alexander WirtWhitelist debian testing watch
2011-07-14 Alexander WirtBlacklist (6b4d5b48f7cc20418579bc6d1fe1c5...
2011-07-04 Alexander WirtFix out of office rule
2011-07-04 Alexander WirtAdd another out of office rule
2011-02-20 Alexander WirtDisable RATWARE_GECKO_BUILD (#614223)
2011-01-25 Don Armstrong * add bizzbooster to phrase_spam
2011-01-07 Alexander WirtGet rid of the New Year Card spam
2011-01-02 Don Armstrong * tweak escape since \Q\E doesn't work
2010-12-28 Don Armstrong * fix interpolation of @
2010-12-28 Don Armstrong * block modern art spam
2010-12-18 Don Armstrong * fix to/too typo
2010-12-18 Don Armstrong * add hook to bail out of update_spamassassin when...
2010-10-09 Don Armstrong * disable DOTCN rules because they were causing false...
2010-10-02 Alexander WirtBlacklist
2010-09-24 Don Armstrong * add AAVEHICLE check rule
2010-09-24 Don Armstrongadd changes from blars
2010-08-21 Don Armstrong * add cannot view rule
2010-08-18 Don Armstrong * decrease score for award winning
2010-07-06 Don Armstrong * add invites you rule
2010-06-11 Don Armstrong * it's content-type, not contenttype
2010-06-10 Don Armstrong * fix RTF_SPAM meta rule
2010-06-10 Don Armstrongadd blars rules and rules to catch the rtf attachment...
2010-05-04 Cord Beermannmoving 'this is an automated message' to SA
2010-03-29 Don Armstrongallow busoni as host
2010-03-16 Don Armstrong * add email sparkle rule
2010-02-16 Cord Beermannadd a bonus for podebconf-report-po
2010-01-27 Alexander WirtAdd Nuovo messaggio spam
2010-01-25 Alexander WirtCatch some spanish videospam
2010-01-23 Alexander WirtScore To lines in the form of ', bar@baz...
2010-01-23 Alexander WirtCatch some spammer
2010-01-23 Alexander WirtCatch some link exchange spam
2010-01-23 Alexander WirtCatch some lotteryspam
2010-01-03 Don Armstrong * include blacklists in common_spam
2010-01-03 Don Armstrong * fix formorer blacklist rule
2010-01-01 Alexander WirtDisable FH_DATE_PAST_20XX
2009-12-23 Don Armstrong * add blarson changes to misc_spam
2009-12-16 Alexander WirtAdd spammer
2009-12-15 Alexander WirtAdd to blacklist
2009-12-05 Alexander WirtCatch some lottery spam
2009-11-29 Alexander WirtBlacklist Future Icon Records <futureiconrecords@live...
2009-11-25 Don Armstrong * ditch extra O in YAHOO
2009-11-25 Don Armstrong * discard mail from yahoo calendar
2009-10-14 Don Armstrongadd blars bts specific changes
2009-09-22 Don Armstrongsync up blars changes
2009-09-22 Don Armstrong * add NUMEMAIL rule
2009-09-19 Don Armstrong * fix update spamassassin to cd back to the original...
2009-09-09 Don Armstrong * PGPSIGNATURE should be a full rule, not a rawbody...
2009-08-31 Martin Zobel... fix second column
2009-08-31 Martin Zobel... describe WAITINGREPLY We don't care about Ayda 10...
2009-07-06 Don Armstrongadd changes from blarson
2009-07-06 Don Armstrong * block mail from constant contact
2009-05-23 Don Armstrong * add rules to match the jpeg spams
2009-05-13 Don Armstrongadd rules to counteract no-subject majordomo mails
2009-05-06 Don Armstrongswitch ifplugin rule to inside image_spam; fix image_si...
2009-05-06 Don Armstrong * switch to if plugin() instead of ifplugin
2009-05-06 Don Armstrongadd image rules; increase vacation mail score
2009-04-14 Cord Beermann* moving AOL-rules to SA.
2009-04-07 Cord BeermannThread-Topic seems to be valid header out of the M...
2009-04-04 Don Armstrong * Add maladiret rule
2009-03-12 Don Armstrong * add debricolaje rule
2009-03-12 Don Armstrong * fix NODELIVERY rule
2009-03-12 Don Armstrong * add even more auto response rules
2009-03-12 Don Armstrong * add rule for thread-topic headers
2009-03-12 Don Armstrong * add proofpoint rules
2009-03-12 Don Armstrong * add more rules to try to catch new kinds of automati...
2009-03-03 Don Armstrong * add htmlcomptable rule
2009-03-03 Don Armstrong * make subjectspam rule even more complete
2009-03-03 Don Armstrong * add even more auto response spam rules
2009-03-02 Don Armstrong * report a failed update once a day
2009-03-01 Don Armstrong * add ENTIST rule from blars
2009-03-01 Don Armstrong * fix spamsubject and fromabuse rules
2009-03-01 Don Armstrong * fix support mail 3
2009-03-01 Don Armstrong * fix yari subject rule description
2009-03-01 Don Armstrong * fix yarriuri rule score
2009-03-01 Don Armstrong * fix SARE_URGBIZ rule
2009-03-01 Don Armstrong * fix fourminuti rule
2009-02-23 Don Armstrong * disable XIRONPORT because of false positives
2009-02-21 Don Armstrong * add even more auto response rules
2009-02-21 Don Armstrong * add even more auto-reponse rules
2009-02-17 Don Armstrong * increase geocities uri score even more
2009-02-17 Don Armstrong * match yaari uri
2009-02-14 Don Armstrong * add rule to match yari garbage
2009-02-14 Don Armstrong * modify JOINMEON rule to also match friend request...
2009-02-09 Don Armstrong * trigger on credit report in urls
2009-02-09 Don Armstrong * add rule about apartment spam
2009-02-09 Martin Zobel... downgrading SUSPICIOUS_RECIPS
2009-02-06 Don Armstrong * don't bother to join people on things
2009-02-06 Don Armstrongadd a slew of rules to handle automatic response backsc...
2009-02-06 Don Armstrong * block qmail bounce messages
2009-02-05 Don Armstrong * add rule to block wine season spam
2009-02-04 Don Armstrongadd rule for 4minuti and many nbsp in mail
2009-02-02 Don Armstrong * block life changers spam
2009-01-11 Don Armstrong * kill stuff from linked in
2008-12-29 Don Armstrong * increase sare urgent biz score
2008-12-27 Cord Beermannmove 'award winning' from rc.spam to SA
2008-12-19 Don Armstrong * fix decribe typo
2008-12-19 Don Armstrong * tweak the rule some more
2008-12-19 Don Armstrong * fix descibe typo
2008-12-19 Don Armstrong * add live spaces uri url