2007-10-24 Martin Zobel... correct the path to the uniq-subscribers
2007-10-23 Don Armstrong * Add update_spamassassin script which will enable...
2007-10-23 Don Armstrong * Add changes by blarson to the BTS configuration
2007-10-16 Martin Zobel... list specific rule: score ITP on debian-devel ML
2007-10-16 Martin Zobel... fix meta rules
2007-10-16 Martin Zobel... list specific rule: score RFS on debian-mentors ML
2007-10-16 Martin Zobel... dot cn pron
2007-10-14 Martin Zobel... more Pr0n, we want more Pr0n
2007-10-13 Don Armstrongadd SOFTNLSE rule; add WBRS rule
2007-10-13 Don Armstrong * Fix MONEY regex
2007-10-12 Don Armstrong * Add LDOWHITELIST for lists
2007-10-11 Don Armstrongit's =~, not ~=
2007-10-11 Don Armstrong * Tweak LETACCOUNT rule slightly
2007-10-11 Don Armstrong * Update stock spam list and url spam
2007-10-11 Don Armstrongyeay biking to africa
2007-10-11 Martin Zobel... list specific: LDO-Subscribers activated
2007-10-11 Martin Zobel... list specific: stop xxx pron
2007-10-10 Martin Zobel... new sig: LET:account,password,shop,did you forget?...
2007-10-10 Martin Zobel... list specific rule for cd/dvd spam: update typo in...
2007-10-10 Martin Zobel... list specific rule for cd/dvd spam
2007-10-10 Don Armstrong * We don't need free passwords
2007-10-07 Martin Zobel... * adding SARE rules
2007-10-07 Don Armstrong * Change the score of SUBJECT_ENCODED_TWICE to zero
2007-10-07 Martin Zobel... FRLE stock spam
2007-10-04 Martin Zobel... E-exchange Finland
2007-10-04 Martin Zobel... adding filter for
2007-10-04 Martin Zobel... urbannews newletter banned
2007-10-03 Martin Zobel... blacklist
2007-10-02 Don Armstrongfix german spam rule
2007-10-02 Don Armstrongallow stock symbols to be separated
2007-10-02 Don Armstrongblock german stellangebot spam
2007-10-02 Don Armstrongwordmoney needs to be a full rule
2007-10-02 Don Armstrong * Fix MONEY rule
2007-10-02 Don Armstrongadd more stuff to trap money spam
2007-10-02 Don Armstrongadd more stock symbols and make a meta rule to trap...
2007-10-01 Don Armstrongadd cwte symbol
2007-10-01 Don Armstrong * fix the rule
2007-10-01 Don Armstrong * Increase the score of work-at-home in the subject
2007-10-01 Don Armstrongupdate stock spam rules; add rule
2007-09-30 Cord Beermannadded DMXC-Blocking line on zobels request.
2007-09-29 Don Armstrongadd anti-work at home rule
2007-09-29 Don Armstrongmake the office regex even wider
2007-09-26 Don Armstrongremove ok_locales en in main conf
2007-09-26 Don Armstrong * Make the office software match wider
2007-09-26 Martin Zobel... set bayes_auto_learn_threshold to -4
2007-09-23 Cord Beermannlowering score for MIXEDBDN from 3 to 1 due to false...
2007-09-23 Cord BeermannIMPRONONCABLE_1 match changed from 5chars minimum to...
2007-09-22 Don Armstrong * Deactivate messageid rule
2007-09-22 Don Armstrong * Add changes from bts to spam rules
2007-09-12 Don Armstrong * add changes to rules by blars
2007-09-09 Martin Zobel... ftp nowadays runs on ries
2007-09-09 Don Armstrong * Add changes from blars to common_rbl and common_spam
2007-09-09 Don Armstrong * Add blars changes
2007-09-08 Don Armstrongadd readme; test commit hook
2007-09-08 Don Armstrongadd spamassassin configuration