2008-12-27 Cord Beermannmove 'award winning' from rc.spam to SA
2008-12-19 Don Armstrong * fix decribe typo
2008-12-19 Don Armstrong * tweak the rule some more
2008-12-19 Don Armstrong * fix descibe typo
2008-12-19 Don Armstrong * add live spaces uri url
2008-12-17 Don Armstrongexplicitely load the plugins required; increase the...
2008-12-13 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-12-05 Cord Beermannscoring 'leasing'
2008-11-30 Cord Beermannfixing nabble-rule
2008-11-30 Cord Beermanncompensate
2008-11-30 Cord Beermannnew rules for credit and spam
2008-10-31 Cord Beermannadded a rule to compensate false positives on lame...
2008-10-12 Don Armstrong * disable the security sage rbl
2008-09-09 Don Armstrong * add a use_bayes just in case
2008-09-09 Don Armstrong * it's spammy, not smappy
2008-09-09 Don Armstrong * add BAYES_05 score
2008-09-09 Don Armstrong * update the bayes configuration to actually match...
2008-09-08 Don Armstrong * add include of bayes configuration
2008-09-08 Don Armstrong * add bayes configuration
2008-09-04 Don Armstrong * make the yourname rule case insensitive
2008-09-04 Don Armstrong * add yourname rule
2008-09-04 Don Armstrong * add tiecorrect spam rule
2008-09-03 Don Armstrongremove from the trusted networks, as it is...
2008-09-03 Don Armstrongkill off and comment dead rules
2008-09-03 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-08-08 Don Armstrong * make .com in scour optional
2008-08-06 Don Armstrong * fix soubject subject typo
2008-07-30 Don Armstrong * Add rule to match scour invites
2008-07-30 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-07-22 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-07-21 Don Armstrong * match amero; decrease score of deposit
2008-07-20 Thomas Viehmannameliorate Xorg bug reports score
2008-07-15 Martin Zobel... downscore reportbugs and install-reports
2008-06-27 Don Armstrong * fix problem in PGPSIGNATURE
2008-06-27 Don Armstrong * Add rule to negatively score messages which contain...
2008-06-27 Don Armstrongapply blars patches
2008-06-16 Don Armstrongfix || typo in FASHION rule
2008-06-13 Don Armstrong * fix stupidurl rule
2008-06-13 Don Armstrong * update spam scam
2008-06-13 Don Armstrong * Tweak fashion url some more
2008-06-13 Don Armstrongfix mistake in UNI_DIPLOMA
2008-06-13 Don Armstrongremove duplicate blogspot rule
2008-06-13 Don Armstrongupdate the university degrees; add a fashion matcher
2008-06-13 Don Armstrongadd blars rules
2008-06-13 Martin Zobel... downscore FH_HOST_ALMOST_IP
2008-05-23 Don Armstrongmatch broken urls
2008-05-23 Don Armstrongadd blars changes
2008-05-14 Don Armstrongadd contact us by email spam rule
2008-05-06 Don Armstrong * add watinging for your reply rule
2008-05-06 Don Armstrongadd more blars rules
2008-05-05 Don Armstrong * add rule for broken yahoo calendar invite
2008-05-02 Don Armstrong * Bump up the score on the want to chat spam to counte...
2008-05-02 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-04-30 Don Armstrong * tweak the diploma rules
2008-04-30 Don Armstrongadd blars patches and claim ticket rules
2008-04-30 Don Armstrong * tweak wanttochat to match twitter crap
2008-04-30 Don Armstrongapply blars patches
2008-04-24 Don Armstrong * add invitationfrom rule
2008-04-24 Don Armstrongadd more blars rules from the bts
2008-04-19 Don Armstrong * add missing ? to optionalize the s in feels
2008-04-19 Don Armstrong * Make chat rules broader and consolidate
2008-04-19 Don Armstrong * modify drug spam rules to also allow digits to start
2008-04-19 Don Armstrongadd blars changes
2008-04-08 Don Armstrong * add blogspot uri matcher
2008-04-08 Don Armstrong * up the score of mythankyouuri
2008-04-08 Don Armstrong * Add mythankyouuri
2008-04-08 Don Armstrongadd more blars changes
2008-04-03 Don Armstrongadd blars patches and make LONGLINEURL score 2
2008-04-02 Don Armstrong * add long line url rule
2008-04-02 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-03-30 Don Armstrongadd blars rules
2008-03-24 Don Armstrongmove some of the common rbl sites around; add multi...
2008-03-24 Don Armstrongadd more blars rules
2008-03-20 Don Armstrong * update myname is some more
2008-03-20 Don Armstrong * fix dscription of mymsnnameis
2008-03-19 Don Armstrong * fix msnname rule to match more stuff
2008-03-19 Don Armstrong * Add mymsnnameis rule
2008-03-19 Don Armstrongupdate url spam for scientific journal spam
2008-03-19 Don Armstrongadd more blars changes
2008-03-18 Don Armstrong * add progold rule
2008-03-17 Don Armstrong * Fix subbodyrep rule to be a full rule
2008-03-17 Don Armstrong * Add subbodyrep rule to match words in subject repeat...
2008-03-16 Don Armstrongupdate rules for blars changes
2008-03-05 Don Armstrong * Add video filbms url matcher
2008-03-05 Don Armstrongadd blars changes
2008-02-26 Don Armstrongadd blars rules, and match vista ultimate too
2008-02-24 Don Armstrongkill off FROM_AND_TO_SAME
2008-02-23 Don Armstrong * Add file zone stuff
2008-02-23 Don Armstrongmatch microsoft office enterprise
2008-02-23 Don Armstrong * Add ebay member spam
2008-02-23 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-02-14 Don Armstrongditch the from and to same scoring
2008-02-14 Don Armstrongremove tempdir on failure
2008-02-07 Don Armstrong * The MIME_SUSPECT doesn't exist in the bts's SA...
2008-02-07 Don Armstrongupdate list preferences and move over MIME_SUSPECT_NAME...
2008-02-07 Don Armstrong * prefix the old and new revisions with a 0 to avoid...
2008-01-27 Martin Zobel... disable even more rules
2008-01-27 Martin Zobel... bugs: replace obsolete uridnsbl_timeout by rbl_timeout
2008-01-27 Martin Zobel... disable some more rules
2008-01-27 Martin Zobel... disable some rules