* don't bother to join people on things
[spamassassin_config.git] / common / money_spam
2009-02-06 Don Armstrongadd a slew of rules to handle automatic response backsc...
2008-12-19 Don Armstrong * fix descibe typo
2008-12-05 Cord Beermannscoring 'leasing'
2008-11-30 Cord Beermannnew rules for credit and spam
2008-09-03 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-07-30 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-07-22 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-07-21 Don Armstrong * match amero; decrease score of deposit
2008-02-23 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-01-23 Cord Beermann* removing Casino again, as it is a duplicate
2008-01-16 Martin Zobel-Helaswe dont like retails
2008-01-15 Don Armstrongadd blars changes to rules
2008-01-01 Don Armstrongadd blars changes to spam rules
2007-11-06 Don Armstrong * Add bts patches from blars
2007-10-29 Don Armstrong * Make the money rules more powerful
2007-10-23 Don Armstrong * Add changes by blarson to the BTS configuration
2007-10-13 Don Armstrong * Fix MONEY regex
2007-10-12 Don Armstrong * Add LDOWHITELIST for lists
2007-10-07 Martin Zobel-HelasFRLE stock spam
2007-10-04 Martin Zobel-HelasE-exchange Finland
2007-10-02 Don Armstrong * Fix MONEY rule
2007-10-02 Don Armstrongadd more stuff to trap money spam
2007-09-30 Cord Beermannadded DMXC-Blocking line on zobels request.
2007-09-22 Don Armstrong * Add changes from bts to spam rules
2007-09-12 Don Armstrong * add changes to rules by blars
2007-09-09 Don Armstrong * Add blars changes
2007-09-08 Don Armstrongadd spamassassin configuration