disable flowgoaway RBL
[spamassassin_config.git] / common / misc_spam
2007-12-01 Don Armstrong * add more rules from blars
2007-11-17 Don ArmstrongBlars:
2007-11-16 Don Armstrongadd more blars patches
2007-11-06 Don Armstrong * Add bts patches from blars
2007-10-29 Don Armstrongadd more rules by blars from bts
2007-09-23 Cord Beermannlowering score for MIXEDBDN from 3 to 1 due to false...
2007-09-23 Cord BeermannIMPRONONCABLE_1 match changed from 5chars minimum to...
2007-09-08 Don Armstrongadd spamassassin configuration