* fix spamsubject and fromabuse rules
[spamassassin_config.git] / common / bts_scores
2008-12-13 Don Armstrongadd blars patches
2008-09-03 Don Armstrongkill off and comment dead rules
2008-06-13 Don Armstrongadd blars rules
2008-02-07 Don Armstrong * The MIME_SUSPECT doesn't exist in the bts's SA...
2008-02-07 Don Armstrongupdate list preferences and move over MIME_SUSPECT_NAME...
2007-11-12 Don Armstrongthe bts doesn't know those scores either
2007-11-12 Don Armstrongfix userconf dir in update_sa; move bts only scores...
2007-10-23 Don Armstrong * Add changes by blarson to the BTS configuration
2007-09-26 Don Armstrong * Make the office software match wider
2007-09-22 Don Armstrong * Add changes from bts to spam rules
2007-09-09 Don Armstrong * Add blars changes
2007-09-08 Don Armstrongadd spamassassin configuration