added new journal abbreviations, and a helm function to set journal strings
[org-ref.git] / .travis.yml
2015-04-23 John KitchinMerge branch 'journaltitle' of
2015-04-21 John Kitchinchange to be consistent with
2015-04-21 John KitchinI read that ppa:cassou/emacs is deprecated
2015-03-15 John Kitchinrm tangled make command
2015-03-03 John Kitchindo not tangle the el files twice.
2015-03-03 John Kitchintry tangling before cask call
2015-03-03 John Kitchinmake tangled el files
2015-03-03 John Kitchinmake the el files
2015-03-03 John KitchinMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-03 John Kitchintest only snapshot
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd travis testing