2017-08-14 Étienne BeauléAdd '-dcrop' option to ps and svg backends master
2017-08-09 Thomas MorleyIssue 5168 Let arpeggio-bracket/slur depend on grob...
2017-08-07 Masamichi HosodaIssue 5164: Doc: Add usage of OpenType font feature
2017-08-07 David KastrupIssue 5167/7: markup-partial regtest: use \markup funct...
2017-08-07 David KastrupIssue 5167/6: Changes: show \markup xxx = ... \etc...
2017-08-07 David KastrupIssue 5167/5: Allow defining markup commands in LilyPon...
2017-08-07 David KastrupIssue 5167/4: Parser: let `assignment_id' return a...
2017-08-07 David KastrupIssue 5167/3: Split off `markup-lambda' from `define...
2017-08-07 David KastrupIssue 5167/2: Let `make-markup' fetch the signature...
2017-08-07 David KastrupIssue 5167/1: Reorganize markup commands to use object...
2017-08-07 Jean-Charles... PO: fetch Swedish from the FTP
2017-08-06 Phil HolmesRelease: bump VERSION.
2017-08-06 Phil HolmesRelease: bump Welcome versions.
2017-08-06 Phil HolmesRelease: update news.
2017-08-06 Phil HolmesPO: update template.
2017-08-06 Phil HolmesRelease: bump VERSION_DEVEL.
2017-08-01 Masamichi HosodaIssue 5166/2: Doc: Delete note for svg backend which...
2017-08-01 Masamichi HosodaIssue 5166/1: Doc: Update default font description
2017-08-01 Masamichi HosodaIssue 5163: Update URW++ OTF files
2017-07-26 Federico BruniDoc: CG, explain other git prompt variables
2017-07-26 James LoweWeb: Authors.itexi update
2017-07-26 Federico BruniDoc: add comment about automatically generated document...
2017-07-22 Jean-Charles... PO: fetch eo form FTP
2017-07-18 Paul MorrisDoc: CG: Add guideline for use of 'CSS' prefix in commi...
2017-07-15 Phil HolmesRelease: bump VERSION.
2017-07-15 Phil HolmesRelease: bump Welcome versions.
2017-07-15 Phil HolmesRelease: update news.
2017-07-15 Phil HolmesPO: update template.
2017-07-15 Phil HolmesRelease: bump VERSION_DEVEL.
2017-07-08 Jean-Charles... Web-fr: introduction
2017-07-08 Jean-Charles... Doc-fr: update committishes
2017-07-07 Jean-Charles... Merge branch 'master' into translation
2017-07-07 Tomohiro TatejimaWeb-ja: add search-box
2017-07-07 Tomohiro TatejimaWeb-ja: update macros
2017-07-06 Tomohiro TatejimaWeb-ja: update introduction
2017-07-03 Tomohiro TatejimaWeb-ja: update introduction
2017-07-02 Francisco VilaDoc-es: improve word.
2017-07-02 Francisco VilaTypo.
2017-07-01 Paul MorrisDoc: CSS: Add a maximum width for the sidebar in the...
2017-07-01 Paul MorrisDoc: CSS: A better brown for the usage manual
2017-07-01 Paul MorrisDoc: CSS: Add space between top-levels in sidebar
2017-06-28 Phil HolmesRelease: bump VERSION.
2017-06-28 Phil HolmesMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/unstable...
2017-06-28 Phil HolmesRelease: update news.
2017-06-28 Urs Liska#5150: Update Finnendahl testimony info
2017-06-25 Phil HolmesRelease: bump Welcome versions.
2017-06-25 Phil HolmesRelease: update news.
2017-06-25 Phil HolmesPO: update template.
2017-06-25 Phil HolmesRelease: bump VERSION_DEVEL.
2017-06-25 David KastrupRun scripts/auxiliar/
2017-06-25 David KastrupIssue 5148/2: three-sided-box snippet: use #:properties...
2017-06-25 David KastrupIssue 5148/1: Various chain-assoc-get -> #:properties
2017-06-24 Jean-Charles... Doc: update translation status
2017-06-24 Jean-Charles... Doc-fr: NR-1.5.2 merging rests
2017-06-24 Jean-Charles... Merge branch 'master' into translation
2017-06-20 Werner LembergMinor error message improvement.
2017-06-19 Masamichi HosodaIssue 5147: Add whether to use OTF feature depending...
2017-06-19 Jay AndersonIssue 1388: Initial work to support opentype font features.
2017-06-19 Jay AndersonCreate engravers for merging rests
2017-06-18 Francisco VilaWeb-es: fix node name.
2017-06-18 Francisco VilaDoc-es: various updates.
2017-06-17 Jean-Charles... Merge branch 'translation' into staging
2017-06-17 Jean-Charles... Doc-fr: fix bad committishes
2017-06-17 Jean-Charles... Doc-fr: NR-changing-defaults
2017-06-17 Paul Morrislilypond-manuals.css: edit color scheme and some spacing
2017-06-17 Jean-Charles... Merge branch 'master' into translation
2017-06-17 David NalesnikIssue 5141: Fix typos in \offset documentation
2017-06-17 Jean-Charles... Doc-it: add missing @ before braces in @example (LM...
2017-06-17 David KastrupIssue 5146: Don't use \line in the implementation of...
2017-06-12 David KastrupIssue 5145/2: Allow $... to specify a markup command
2017-06-12 David KastrupIssue 5145/1: Lexer: factor out push_markup_predicates
2017-06-10 Phil HolmesRelease: bump VERSION.
2017-06-10 Phil HolmesRelease: bump Welcome versions.
2017-06-10 Phil HolmesRelease: update news.
2017-06-10 Phil HolmesPO: update template.
2017-06-10 Phil HolmesRelease: bump VERSION_DEVEL.
2017-06-08 Federico BruniDoc-it: update
2017-06-06 Phil HolmesFix granados example
2017-05-22 Paul Morrisabc2ly: Support R (rhythm / meter) and Z (transcription...
2017-05-21 Phil HolmesRelease: bump VERSION.
2017-05-21 Phil HolmesMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/unstable...
2017-05-20 Phil HolmesRelease: correct news.
2017-05-20 Phil HolmesRelease: bump Welcome versions.
2017-05-20 Phil HolmesRelease: update news.
2017-05-20 Phil HolmesPO: update template.
2017-05-20 Phil HolmesRelease: bump VERSION_DEVEL.
2017-05-20 Jean-Charles... Doc: update translation status
2017-05-20 Jean-Charles... Doc-fr: Changes, LM and NR-spacing
2017-05-20 Jean-Charles... Merge branch 'master' into translation
2017-05-15 Walter Garcia... Doc-ca: Contributing notation/staff.itely and correctin...
2017-05-15 Federico BruniDoc: fix errors in variable definitions - issue #5132
2017-05-13 Urs Liska#5133: Clean up GSoC page (after project announcement)
2017-05-09 Phil HolmesRelease: bump VERSION.
2017-05-09 Phil HolmesMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release/unstable...
2017-05-09 Thomas MorleyIssue 5131 Avoid possible segfault in stencil-with...
2017-05-08 Phil HolmesRelease: update news.
2017-05-08 Phil HolmesMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into relea...
2017-05-07 David KastrupReplace WORD token in parser and lexer with SYMBOL
2017-05-07 Phil HolmesRelease: bump Welcome versions.
2017-05-07 Phil HolmesRelease: update news.