2016-03-22 Jacob AlexanderAdding a few more mouse tests master
2016-03-22 Jacob AlexanderAdding support for relative movement mouse keys
2016-03-21 Jacob AlexanderAdding basic mouse button test .kll file
2015-10-17 Jacob AlexanderAdding support for kll 0.3d
2015-10-13 Jacob AlexanderFixing partial map static layer compilation bug
2015-10-13 Jacob AlexanderAnother error message cleanup
2015-10-13 Jacob AlexanderAdding better error messages for Tokenization and Parsing
2015-10-13 Jacob AlexanderUpdating hhkb2 definition to match recent symbolic...
2015-10-12 Jacob AlexanderCleanup
2015-10-10 Jacob AlexanderAdding aliases for international keys
2015-10-08 Jacob AlexanderFixing ascii string macro processing
2015-10-02 Jacob AlexanderFixing AL and AC namespaced Consumer control media...
2015-09-30 Jacob AlexanderAdding support for "Soft Replace" kll 0.3c
2015-09-29 Jacob AlexanderAdding layer rotation (next/prev) support
2015-09-20 Jacob AlexanderAdding Lock and Latch symbolic names (e.g. Function)
2015-09-18 Jacob AlexanderTypo
2015-09-18 Jacob AlexanderAdding cabilities index to kll compiler
2015-08-22 Jacob AlexanderFixing reference url
2015-08-22 Jacob AlexanderAdding Infinity ErgoDox default layers and overlay
2015-08-22 Jacob AlexanderUpdating Infinity layers now that media keys are fully...
2015-08-18 Jacob AlexanderAdding colors associations to layers.
2015-08-18 Jacob AlexanderSpecial function map used for LCD layer display hooks
2015-08-18 Jacob AlexanderAdding convenience capability function declarations.
2015-08-16 Jacob AlexanderExample kll map using CustomActions on MD1
2015-08-16 Jacob AlexanderFixing '~' interpreting bug.
2015-08-16 Jacob AlexanderAdding WhiteFox layer 1
2015-08-16 Jacob AlexanderAdding support for Interconnect Nodes
2015-08-02 Jacob AlexanderMerge branch 'master' of
2015-08-02 Jacob AlexanderAdding support for multi-line defines
2015-08-01 Jacob AlexanderUpdating url
2015-07-25 Jacob AlexanderConverting templates to use pragma once
2015-05-15 Jacob AlexanderFixing naming issues with some of the symbolic names.
2015-05-10 Jacob AlexanderAdding incorrect hid code lookup error detection.
2015-05-10 Jacob AlexanderAdding None keyword (0.3b)
2015-05-10 Jacob AlexanderAdding media key support to KLL compiler (0.3b)
2015-03-01 Jacob AlexanderMerge pull request #2 from mcmasterathl/master
2015-03-01 Jacob AlexanderUpdating README
2015-02-28 Steve McMasterAdd USB Code support for combination and sequence triggers
2015-02-27 mcmasterathlMerge pull request #1 from kiibohd/master
2015-02-26 Jacob AlexanderAdding a few more symbolic names.
2015-02-26 Jacob AlexanderAdding more symbolic names to the kll lookup.
2015-02-22 Jacob AlexanderAdding backend specific template and output defaults.
2015-02-22 Jacob AlexanderSimplifying template arguments
2015-02-22 Jacob AlexanderAdding inheritance to Backend class
2015-02-21 Jacob AlexanderIssue #13: Fixing bug in kll compiler when not setting...
2015-02-21 Jacob AlexanderAdding KEYPAD_ASTERISK (also internally renaming ASTERI...
2015-02-16 Jacob AlexanderMarkdown typo
2015-02-16 Jacob AlexanderConverting README to markdown
2015-02-16 Jacob AlexanderAdding name and file stacks and layer naming
2015-02-10 Jacob AlexanderAdding more generation debug output
2014-12-31 Rowan DeckerDie gracefully
2014-12-11 Jacob AlexanderForgot to commit template file.
2014-11-21 Jacob AlexanderFixing kll permutation expansion bug.
2014-11-20 Jacob AlexanderAdding define support to KLL compiler.
2014-11-13 Jacob AlexanderAdding a basic overlay for md1
2014-10-27 Jacob AlexanderAdding extra code generation required for Macro output...
2014-09-17 Jacob AlexanderAdding backend support for more RAM optimizations.
2014-09-17 Jacob AlexanderFixing layered assignment bug.
2014-09-17 Jacob AlexanderAdding support for firstScanCode calculation and initia...
2014-09-16 Jacob AlexanderAdding my own configuration of the kishsaver (HHKB...
2014-09-16 Jacob AlexanderFixing unicode strings in funcparserlib
2014-09-14 Jacob AlexanderAdding first official layouts for KLL.
2014-09-11 Jacob AlexanderChanging array type to support different uC architectures.
2014-09-11 Jacob AlexanderFixed multi-byte capability arguments.
2014-09-10 Jacob AlexanderAdding full partial layer support.
2014-09-09 Jacob AlexanderFixed layer generation to only build trigger lists...
2014-09-08 Jacob AlexanderAdding basic layer support
2014-09-08 Jacob AlexanderAdding support for USB Code trigger assignment
2014-09-07 Jacob Alexanderkll compiler now working!
2014-09-06 Jacob AlexanderAdding list to tuple conversion and USBCode to Capabilt...
2014-09-03 Jacob AlexanderAdding examples and template.
2014-09-02 Jacob AlexanderInitial source dump.
2014-09-02 Jacob AlexanderAdding README
2014-09-02 Jacob AlexanderInitial commit