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ownerDon Armstrong
last changeTue, 22 Mar 2016 06:06:27 +0000 (23:06 -0700)
2016-03-22 Jacob AlexanderAdding a few more mouse tests master
2016-03-22 Jacob AlexanderAdding support for relative movement mouse keys
2016-03-21 Jacob AlexanderAdding basic mouse button test .kll file
2015-10-17 Jacob AlexanderAdding support for kll 0.3d
2015-10-13 Jacob AlexanderFixing partial map static layer compilation bug
2015-10-13 Jacob AlexanderAnother error message cleanup
2015-10-13 Jacob AlexanderAdding better error messages for Tokenization and Parsing
2015-10-13 Jacob AlexanderUpdating hhkb2 definition to match recent symbolic...
2015-10-12 Jacob AlexanderCleanup
2015-10-10 Jacob AlexanderAdding aliases for international keys
2015-10-08 Jacob AlexanderFixing ascii string macro processing
2015-10-02 Jacob AlexanderFixing AL and AC namespaced Consumer control media...
2015-09-30 Jacob AlexanderAdding support for "Soft Replace" kll 0.3c
2015-09-29 Jacob AlexanderAdding layer rotation (next/prev) support
2015-09-20 Jacob AlexanderAdding Lock and Latch symbolic names (e.g. Function)
2015-09-18 Jacob AlexanderTypo
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