2016-03-23 Jacob AlexanderMove matrix information to a cli command master
2016-03-22 Jacob AlexanderAdding relative movement mouse key support
2016-03-21 Jacob AlexanderAdding basic mouse button support
2016-03-04 Jacob AlexanderFixing clang compilation and supporting clang-tidy
2016-03-04 Jacob AlexanderAdding convenience symlinks to the udev rules
2016-03-02 Jacob AlexanderMerge pull request #95 from cryham/master
2016-03-02 Jacob AlexanderFixing potential WF LED issue
2016-03-01 CryHamUpdated CK3 with Scan_currentChange (copy from MD1).
2016-03-01 CryHamMerge branch 'master' of
2016-03-01 CryHamChanged CK3 matrix scan to Config_Pullup, inverted...
2016-02-23 Jacob AlexanderAs per request of original author, updating license...
2016-02-22 Jacob AlexanderAdding dynamic USB power support
2016-02-21 Jacob AlexanderSetting bootloader max power to 100 mA
2016-02-20 Jacob AlexanderMerge branch 'master' of
2016-02-20 Jacob AlexanderDebug code for interconnect cable debugging
2016-02-20 Jacob AlexanderMerge pull request #93 from cryham/master
2016-02-20 CryHamMinor styling fixes.
2016-02-19 CryHamAdded support for ghosting matrices and code for elimin...
2016-02-12 Jacob AlexanderChanged name from MD1_1 to MD1.1
2016-02-08 Jacob AlexanderUpdate README.markdown
2016-02-07 Jacob AlexanderMerge pull request #78 from kevinfrei/infiniteLoops
2016-02-07 Jacob AlexanderMerge pull request #90 from ryansb/fix/specialCharDirec...
2016-02-07 Jacob AlexanderInitial code for MD1_1
2016-02-07 Ryan S. BrownEnsure directories can only be made with printable...
2016-01-28 Jacob AlexanderSetting WhiteFox LEDs as defaulting to on
2016-01-13 Jacob AlexanderUpdating README for Teensy 3.2 support
2016-01-13 Jacob AlexanderMerge branch 'master' of
2016-01-13 Jacob AlexanderAdding comment for the Teensy 3.2
2016-01-05 Jacob AlexanderMerge pull request #81 from dankm/not-linux
2016-01-05 Dan McGregorMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/master' into not...
2016-01-03 Kevin FreiFix a handful of infinite loops that occur if you have...
2015-11-10 Jacob AlexanderMerge pull request #73 from joshuaflanagan/example_scri...
2015-11-10 Joshua FlanaganStop requiring editing of example scripts
2015-11-02 Jacob AlexanderAdding comment about using Pillow instead of PIL
2015-10-27 Jacob AlexanderMerge pull request #71 from glguy/pr-cli-history
2015-10-27 Eric MertensWrite whole debug cli command to history
2015-10-20 Dan McGregorStart removing select Linux-isms
2015-10-19 Jacob AlexanderMerge pull request #65 from r4v5/exit-quickly-on-script...
2015-10-18 Mason DonahueExit quickly when cmake or make fail
2015-10-18 Jacob AlexanderTypo from the last commit.
2015-10-17 Jacob AlexanderAdding support for kll 0.3d
2015-10-16 Jacob AlexanderAdding remote capability LED control
2015-10-15 Jacob AlexanderAdding basic remote capabilities + UART Rx DMA buffers
2015-10-12 Jacob AlexanderMerge pull request #63 from jvhaarst/patch-1
2015-10-12 Jan van HaarstFixed typo
2015-10-12 Jacob AlexanderMore compatible name
2015-10-12 Jacob AlexanderAdding jump to bootloader key
2015-10-10 Jacob AlexanderAdding basic ISSI led brightness control capabilities
2015-10-10 Jacob AlexanderFixing long-standing SET_REPORT bug
2015-10-08 Jacob AlexanderFixing very old bad naming convention (BRACE to BRACKET)
2015-10-06 Jacob AlexanderCleaning up CLEAR_FEATURE (endpoint)
2015-10-04 Jacob AlexanderFix Latching bug (introduced when fixing shift and...
2015-09-30 Jacob AlexanderUpdating KType layout to work more nicely with KiiConf
2015-09-30 Jacob AlexanderInitial code for KType TKL
2015-09-29 Jacob AlexanderAdding layer rotation (next/prev) capability
2015-09-21 Jacob AlexanderPrep for mouse support
2015-09-15 Jacob AlexanderAdding example API scripts
2015-09-14 Jacob AlexanderSingle MDErgo1 layout used for KiiConf initial layout...
2015-08-22 Jacob AlexanderUpdating convenience build scripts to build Left and...
2015-08-22 Jacob AlexanderBootloader fix
2015-08-22 Jacob AlexanderFixing layer stack evaluation
2015-08-22 Jacob AlexanderFixing default ErgoDox layout and adding FlashMode...
2015-08-22 Jacob AlexanderForgot to add these files in an earlier commit
2015-08-19 Jacob AlexanderFIxing Media Keys and general USB compatibilty
2015-08-19 Jacob AlexanderAdding color association to layers
2015-08-19 Jacob AlexanderAdding basic support for LCDLayerDisplay using capabilities
2015-08-16 Jacob AlexanderUpdating convenience scripts
2015-08-16 Jacob AlexanderFixing typo on range check for MDErgo1
2015-08-16 Jacob AlexanderAdding examples of custom action/capabilties
2015-08-16 Jacob AlexanderAdding initial WhiteFox support.
2015-08-16 Jacob AlexanderWorking support for Interconnect
2015-08-09 Jacob AlexanderInitial UARTConnect scancode support
2015-08-06 Jacob AlexanderAdding preliminary MDErgo keymap
2015-08-05 Jacob AlexanderAdd Unique Id to version information
2015-08-04 Jacob AlexanderFixing CMake dependency checking for kll_defs.h
2015-08-02 Jacob AlexanderAdding ISSILed API calls and default brightness
2015-08-02 Jacob AlexanderUsing multi-line define support (requires latest kll...
2015-08-02 Jacob AlexanderAdding API to set pixels on LCD screen
2015-08-02 Jacob AlexanderAdding capability to set default image on LCD
2015-08-02 Jacob AlexanderAdding cli API call to set LCD backlight brightness...
2015-08-02 Jacob AlexanderAdding 16-bit brightness control to LCD backlight
2015-08-02 Jacob AlexanderSetting ICED bootloader to turn LCD backlight red
2015-07-25 Jacob AlexanderInitial commit of MDErgo1
2015-07-25 Jacob AlexanderAdding connection type list
2015-07-19 Jacob AlexanderUARTConnect enumeration working!
2015-06-23 Jacob AlexanderRevert "Merge pull request #27 from smasher816/wakeup...
2015-06-23 Jacob AlexanderFixing order of layer debug stack display
2015-06-20 Jacob AlexanderAdding layerDebug cli command
2015-06-19 Jacob AlexanderAdding timing based debounce code
2015-06-14 Jacob AlexanderPre-merge cleanup.
2015-06-14 Jacob AlexanderCode cleanup
2015-06-14 Jacob Alexandermk20dx256vlh7 working!
2015-06-14 Jacob AlexanderAdding missing debug header.
2015-06-14 Jacob AlexanderAdding Chip configuration to CMake
2015-06-14 Jacob AlexanderWorking mk20dx256vlh7 usb flash support
2015-06-14 Jacob AlexanderFixing bugs in mk20dx128vlf5 support
2015-06-14 Jacob AlexanderBasic code for mk20dx256vlh7 flashing
2015-06-14 Jacob AlexanderAdding initial dfu-upload code and debugging for Bootlo...
2015-06-14 Jacob AlexanderAdding 72 MHz clock support for mk20dx256vlh7
2015-06-14 Jacob AlexanderAdding example logo to the lcdtest and bmp conversion...