2016-01-15 Don Armstrongmove emacs configuration out to don-configuration master
2016-01-05 Don Armstrongdo not use mode-compile
2015-12-16 Don Armstrongmove reftex stuff out
2015-08-28 Don Armstrongadd markdown mode to the auto list
2015-04-05 Don Armstronguse ssh controlmaster options in config
2015-02-17 Don Armstrongload don-configuration
2014-12-16 Don Armstrongfix with-library; bind hippie-expand
2014-12-08 Don Armstrongadd with-library code; use it for tinyprocmail
2014-12-04 Don Armstrongload procmailmode configuration
2014-11-20 Don Armstrongswitch to icomplete; use mode line clearner; dont ask...
2014-10-05 Don Armstrongmove ess configuration out and load it
2014-04-01 Don Armstrongfactor out org configuration
2014-03-18 Don ArmstrongAdd new abbrev tables
2014-03-18 Don Armstrongthe default bibliography is ~/projects/research/referen...
2014-03-18 Don ArmstrongFix letter class org document skeleton
2014-03-18 Don ArmstrongAdd commands to add ids to org mode buffers
2014-02-24 Don Armstrongcall faf and use hierarchical checkboxes
2014-01-23 Don Armstrongremove fontspec and unicode from default list; remove...
2014-01-23 Don Armstrongadd schedule rule
2014-01-15 Don Armstronguse latexmk for everything; fix package list
2014-01-03 Don Armstrongadd org babel support work
2014-01-02 Don ArmstrongAdd letter classes to org mode export
2014-01-02 Don Armstrongadd org ical export stuff
2013-12-29 Don Armstrongupdate columns default format
2013-12-23 Don Armstrongadd papers type and reftex citation fix, ediff setup...
2013-12-20 Don Armstrongadd reviews
2013-11-07 Don ArmstrongI actually do not want cperl-indent-parens-as-block...
2013-11-04 Don Armstronguse idle org mode clock time and xprintidle
2013-10-29 Don Armstrongadd sql indent load and ignore headers in org mode...
2013-10-17 Don Armstrongadd org-capture refile advice
2013-10-13 Don Armstrongupdate xelatex command
2013-10-12 Don Armstrongupdate abbrevs defs
2013-10-12 Don Armstrongadd smartquotes and xelatex stuff
2013-09-16 Don Armstrongfix continued brace offset, remove perl style, and...
2013-07-22 Don Armstrongadd tab always indent
2013-07-22 Don Armstrongupdate abbrevs table
2013-07-22 Don Armstrongsimplify latex font handling; try to figure out how...
2013-06-20 Don Armstrongadd gwas paper
2013-06-01 Don Armstrongupdate .emacs with new values
2013-06-01 Don Armstrongupdate gitignore
2013-06-01 Don Armstrongupdate .emacs with org mode columns
2013-05-30 Don Armstrongreorder backends; fix org mode reftex integration
2013-05-30 Don Armstrongupdate abbrev defs
2013-05-24 Don Armstrongadd abbrev mode settings
2013-05-24 Don Armstrongadd abbrev mode settings
2013-05-20 Don Armstrongfix the post attach command for use in message-mode
2013-05-06 Don Armstrongadd rainbow mode and switch to message mode; fix indent...
2013-03-29 Don Armstrongchange inesrt function documentation to a proper defun
2013-03-25 Don Armstrongfix css mode; add tasks, and fix auto-newline
2013-03-25 Don Armstronginclude vcl mode
2013-03-11 Don Armstrongadd commands to open mail in mutt
2013-03-11 Don Armstrongmove from notes.org to debbugs.org
2013-02-23 Don Armstrongupdate effort columns
2013-02-23 Don Armstrongadd modeline cleaner code
2013-02-07 Don Armstrongadd global properties; do not disable narrow-to-region
2013-02-01 Don Armstrongadd org mode integration with emacs
2013-01-21 Don Armstrongmove out org mode agenda files
2013-01-08 Don Armstrongadd multi-web-mode work
2013-01-07 Don Armstronguse new tiny-tools location in emasc
2013-01-06 Don Armstrongfix tinyprocmail requirement
2013-01-04 Don Armstronguse iedit
2013-01-04 Don Armstronguse setq-default instead of just setq in .emacs
2012-12-28 Don Armstrongset debian aliases explicitly
2012-12-28 Don Armstrongonly log the time, do not prompt for a note
2012-12-27 Don Armstrongupdate .emacs
2012-12-27 Don Armstrongditch sa file
2006-02-18 Don Armstrongupdate sa in emacs
2006-02-17 Don Armstrongadd . to match everything, and move the arguments to...
2006-02-17 Don Armstrongadd in all of the sa files
2006-02-17 Don Armstrong * Completely move around the home directory system...