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[don.git] / local.css
2014-02-18 Don Armstrongrevert previous patch and move sidebar back to its...
2014-02-18 Don Armstrongmove the sidebar align to top
2014-02-16 Don Armstrongswitch to justified, centered text by default
2014-02-16 Don Armstrongmake background color in code slightly lighter
2014-02-16 Don Armstrongmake the h1 font slightly larger and bold
2014-02-16 Don Armstrongdon't make fonts bold which are already using a bold...
2014-02-16 Don Armstronguse a rounded box for the titles so it's more visible
2014-02-16 Don Armstronguse a transparent pageheader header
2014-02-16 Don Armstrongscale background image to 100%
2014-02-16 Don Armstrongswitch more fonts to liberationserif
2014-02-16 Don Armstronguse liberation for the title as well
2014-02-16 Don Armstrongfix liberation serif location in css
2014-02-16 Don Armstrongload fonts and use liberation font
2014-01-10 Don Armstrongtweak hilight plugin css
2012-02-02 Don Armstrong * use agimg type for images
2011-12-15 Don Armstrong * make the code background slightly lighter
2011-12-15 Don Armstrong * make the code background slightly darker
2011-11-28 Don Armstrong * decrease margin
2011-11-28 Don Armstrong * add clear and margin to contained images
2011-11-28 Don Armstrong * use a p nth to swap images
2011-11-28 Don Armstrong * float all images * add float left/right
2011-11-28 Don Armstrong * add float left/right
2011-11-25 Don Armstrong * fix background image url
2011-11-25 Don Armstrongadd da_background and local.css file
2011-11-25 Don Armstrong * add background images
2011-11-22 Don Armstrongadd local css and sidebar