descriptionDebian bug tracker development
ownerDon Armstrong
last changeMon, 24 Jul 2023 23:20:37 +0000 (16:20 -0700)
2023-07-24 Don ArmstrongHandle RFC1522 escaped commas in structured headers... master
2023-03-26 Don Armstrongencode addresses before checking if they are valid
2023-01-29 Paul WiseAllow exporting of debbugs responses to mbox format...
2023-01-29 Don Armstronginclude non-free-firmware; thanks to Cyril Brulebois...
2022-12-04 Paul WiseUse a checkbox and CSS to show info messages instead...
2022-12-02 Paul WisePrevent usertags created at submit time from including...
2022-04-10 Don ArmstrongDo not escape From and use .eml when returning a single...
2022-01-12 Don ArmstrongSupport 7 digit bugs in bugspam.cgi
2021-03-12 Paul WiseFix default user for usertags
2021-03-11 Don Armstrongremove extraneous debugging print statement
2021-03-11 Don Armstrongfix usertag/usertags typo
2021-03-11 Paul WiseAdd support for setting usertags for multiple users...
2021-03-11 Paul WiseFix pluralising the Tag/Usertag headers
2021-03-07 Don ArmstrongFix unescaped From in bugreport (closes: #983847)
2021-03-07 Don Armstrongfor CGI running out of git, just unshift @INC instead...
2021-03-07 Don Armstrongadd fixme to implement package version loader
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