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ownerDon Armstrong
last changeThu, 22 Jun 2017 02:18:21 +0000 (19:18 -0700)
3 days ago Don ArmstrongInclude the protocol () in gWebDomain and gCGIDomain master
3 days ago Don Armstrongadd cc all mails to addr config
3 days ago Don Armstrongpkgreport does not require; remove cd
3 days ago Don Armstrongremove and old cgi code which is unused
2017-05-29 Don Armstrongfix flie/file typo which broke usertags in bug reports
2017-04-29 Don ArmstrongFix breakage caused by not setting...
2017-04-09 Don Armstrongremove UTF8 warnings
2017-04-02 Don Armstrongchange fix to #858671 to split source with split_status...
2017-04-02 Don Armstrongremove two checks where dpkg now follows policy
2017-03-31 Don Armstrongprefix src: to all source packages
2017-03-31 Don ArmstrongSplit source file properly
2017-01-27 Don Armstronginclude experimental in the default removal tags
2017-01-03 Don Armstrongproperly check close and closedir
2017-01-02 Don Armstrongthe versions database is rebuilt each time
2016-12-30 Don Armstrongfix xzip/bzip2 regex
2016-12-30 Don Armstrongsupport bzip2 (oldstable)
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