descriptionDebian bug tracker development
ownerDon Armstrong
last changeFri, 11 Aug 2017 21:17:34 +0000 (14:17 -0700)
2017-08-11 Don Armstrongpass uri_escape to templates in bugreport.cgi master
2017-08-11 Don Armstrongremove vestiges of Safe from Debbugs::Test
2017-08-11 Don Armstrongset local variables in
2017-08-11 Don Armstrongignore supplied filenames in MIME to avoid taint issues
2017-08-11 Don Armstrongdocument pass-through urls in the example apache config...
2017-08-11 Didier RaboudUse PT|passthrough redirects also for all other rewrites
2017-08-11 Didier RaboudUse PT|passthrough redirects for ^/([0-9]+)$ for bugrep...
2017-08-11 Don Armstrongadd libnet-server-perl to build-deps for local-debbugs
2017-08-11 Don Armstrongset indent level and tabs mode
2017-08-11 Don Armstrongbecause pkgreport.cgi uses taint, use perl -I to set...
2017-08-11 Don Armstrongdocument the synopsis slightly better
2017-08-11 Don Armstrongautomatically identify if local-debbugs is being run...
2017-08-10 Don Armstrongadd bugs listed in the config file to the mirrored...
2017-08-10 Don Armstrongadd .log.spam.d support too
2017-08-10 Don Armstrongthere's no reason to use locale; in proces or service
2017-08-09 Don Armstronguse scalar IO::InnerFile::getline to work around an...
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