descriptionDebian bug tracker development
ownerDon Armstrong
last changeFri, 20 Apr 2018 16:41:41 +0000 (09:41 -0700)
2018-04-20 Don Armstrongreuse the same null handle in globify_scalar master
2018-04-18 Don Armstrongadd a mode line for debbugs_schema.sql
2018-04-16 Don Armstrongremove Data::Printer call which snuck in from debugging
2018-04-16 Don ArmstrongDebbugs::packages::get_versions can now use the database
2018-04-16 Don Armstrongonly query for usertags in current packages
2018-04-16 Don Armstronguse the bin_to_src cache in get_bug_statuses
2018-04-16 Don Armstrongpackage_maintainer now accepts schema too
2018-04-16 Don Armstrongbug_status view now returns unix epoch; bump db version
2018-04-16 Don Armstrongadd cache_key support to binary_to_source when schema...
2018-04-14 Don Armstrongnewest is now handled by Debbugs::Bugs, so pass it...
2018-04-14 Don Armstrongfix unknown_packages typo
2018-04-14 Don Armstronghandle newest in Debbugs::Bugs
2018-04-14 Don Armstrongallow specifying the dist in source_to_binary (for...
2018-04-13 Don Armstronguse hash_slice instead of multi-line exists
2018-04-12 Don Armstrongsort keys when applying short bug status
2018-04-12 Don Armstrongimport getbuglocation in loadsql
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