2012-01-19 Andreas Barthmove armhf and s390x to testing master origin/HEAD origin/master
2012-01-19 Debian wanna... triggers/common: add armhf and s390x to sid
2012-01-19 Kurt RoeckxFix order of arches.
2012-01-19 Kurt RoeckxFix typo
2012-01-14 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-12-30 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-12-29 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-11-27 Philipp Kernwanna-build: remove debugging code
2011-11-27 Philipp Kernwanna-build: ignore partial package overwrite with...
2011-11-27 Philipp KernMerge branch 'master' of /srv/buildd.debian.org/git...
2011-11-27 Philipp Kernwanna-build: add debug output for overwritten binaries
2011-11-27 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-11-26 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-11-25 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-11-24 Kurt RoeckxAdd s390x and armhf to the graphs
2011-11-01 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-10-31 Philipp KernUse public.locks as locking area.
2011-08-06 Andreas Barthfilter out noautobuild: use proper perl
2011-08-06 Andreas Barthfilter out packages from yaml in restrict/noautobuild...
2011-08-06 Andreas BarthMerge branch 'master' of /srv/buildd.debian.org/git...
2011-08-06 Andreas Barthimprove help message
2011-07-31 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-07-27 Philipp Kernetc/cron/crontab: commit the current live crontab
2011-07-22 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-07-21 Philipp Kernold-migrations/add_builder_to_pkg_history.sql: really...
2011-07-21 Philipp Kernold-migrations/add_builder_to_pkg_history.sql: also...
2011-07-21 Philipp Kernold-migrations/add_builder_to_pkg_history.sql: add...
2011-07-21 Philipp Kernold-migrations: add add_builder_to_pkg_history.sql
2011-07-11 Philipp Kernwanna-build: comment the merging code
2011-07-11 Philipp KernWB::QD: Comment the code a bit more.
2011-07-11 Philipp Kernwanna-build: document more CLI options
2011-06-20 Philipp Kernwanna-build: fix syntax nitpick for version on verbose
2011-06-20 Philipp Kernadd transform_schema.sql as old migration
2011-06-19 Philipp Kernwanna-build: use git commit hash as version number
2011-06-19 Philipp Kernwanna-build: lock_table: limit row lock to same distrib...
2011-06-15 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-06-14 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-06-13 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-06-13 Philipp Kernwanna-build: lock_table: use row-level locking
2011-06-13 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-06-12 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-06-05 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-05-02 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-05-01 Andreas Barthadd view on built/uploaded packages for distribution_ar...
2011-05-01 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-04-30 Andreas Barthfix verbose intro if no suite is given
2011-04-30 Andreas Barthcommit uncommited changes
2011-04-30 Andreas Barthfix squeeze-breakness
2011-04-30 Andreas Barthadd STOP-WANNA-BUILD emergency stop option
2011-04-30 Andreas Barthshow_distribution_architectures: when used together...
2011-04-29 Andreas Barthcheck if architecture exists for selected suite
2011-04-29 Andreas Barthcleanup $arch in call_edos_depcheck
2011-04-28 Debian wanna... Auto-committed schema changes.
2011-04-25 Andreas Barthdescribe states
2011-04-25 Andreas Barthmigrate options parsing code into GetOptions
2011-04-25 Kurt RoeckxAdd hurd to the graphs
2011-04-24 Andreas Barthadd_one_building: simplify
2011-04-24 Andreas Barthadd_packages: start to migrate give-back into the gener...
2011-04-24 Andreas Barthadd_packages / generic version check:
2011-04-23 Andreas Barthdon't log wanna-build commands regarding security-suites
2011-04-23 Andreas Barthmove set-failed and more of set-dep-wait into the gener...
2011-04-23 Andreas Barthdistribution-architectures distribution-aliases don...
2011-04-21 Andreas Barthlist_packages / get_all_source_info: return packages...
2011-04-12 Andreas Barthoperation mode checks: further unify, cleanup
2011-04-12 Andreas Barthunify different operation mode checks, and clean up
2011-04-11 Andreas Barthadjust handling of buildpri:
2011-04-10 Kurt RoeckxDon't count Auto-Not-For-Us in stats for the graphs
2011-04-09 Kurt RoeckxMerge branch 'master' of /srv/buildd.debian.org/git...
2011-04-09 Kurt RoeckxFix arch names.
2011-04-09 Andreas BarthWB::QD: return arch=all-packages as arch-all-only ...
2011-04-09 Andreas BarthWB::QD: replace not-for-us, auto-not-for-us by
2011-04-09 Andreas Barthfix previous commit: dont set values already set on...
2011-04-09 Andreas Barthmark packages in Packages-arch-specific as auto-not...
2011-04-09 Andreas Barthmark overwritten by arch-all-packages as auto-not-for-us
2011-04-08 Kurt RoeckxUpdate graphs to not include alpha and hppa
2011-04-08 Kurt RoeckxRevert commit to use the common list of arches, it...
2011-04-08 Kurt RoeckxUse -A instead of --database to selected the arch
2011-04-08 Kurt RoeckxUpdate graph tool to use the common place of current...
2011-04-08 Kurt Roeckxhppa and alpha removed from sid
2011-04-05 Andreas Barthfor standard suites (i.e. unstable):
2011-04-02 Andreas BarthWB::QD: handle case when arch=all-packages becomes...
2011-04-01 Andreas Barthfix last commit
2011-04-01 Andreas Barthoption parser: fix import and export options
2011-03-31 Andreas Barthfix selection of distributions
2011-03-31 Andreas Barthremove create-db-option (it's a noop anyways)
2011-03-31 Andreas Barthremove sorting by failed category in the default config...
2011-03-31 Andreas Barthremove categories - they are unused anyways
2011-03-31 Andreas Barthfix --max-age from previous commit
2011-03-31 Hilko BengenRefactor argument-parsing code using standard module...
2011-03-31 Andreas Barthremove programm name aliases (symlinks already gone...
2011-03-31 Andreas Barthmerge-v3: fix moving binNMUed packages to installed
2011-03-31 Andreas Barthremove "pretend-available"
2011-03-31 Andreas Barthmerge-v3: move Auto-Not-For-Us handling into Installed...
2011-03-30 Andreas Barthremove more warnings
2011-03-30 Andreas Barthanother fix for use warnings
2011-03-30 Andreas Barthuse non-priv mode with simulate
2011-03-30 Andreas Barthremove old ways to import packages, sources and quinn...
2011-03-30 Hilko BengenNewer versions of Dpkg::Version export version_compare...
2011-03-30 Andreas Barthfix a place where use strict complains
2011-03-30 Andreas Barthfix another place where use warnings complains