2014-09-23 John Kitchinadd proceedings article type
2014-09-23 John Kitchinexpand bibliography link filename
2014-09-18 John Kitchinorg-show image
2014-09-17 prtkmMake org-show images display only in one buffer
2014-09-13 John Kitchinfix bug. When a file is first opened, clicking on links...
2014-09-08 John Kitchinignore errors if eimp does not load
2014-09-04 John Kitchinturn off flyspell if it is on during show, and turn...
2014-08-17 John Kitchinattempt to add org export
2014-08-13 John Kitchinupdate so you can have better html bibliography export
2014-08-12 John Kitchinmaking progress towards better html export. It is not...
2014-08-10 John Kitchinadd documentation to html export variable
2014-08-10 John Kitchinadd :tangle no to some blocks. For some people it seems...
2014-08-09 John Kitchinadd journal article
2014-08-07 John Kitchinmodify click function to work on cite links with a...
2014-08-03 John Kitchinrm el files that are loaded
2014-08-03 John Kitchinadd org directory