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2014-12-18 John Kitchindeleted old minibuffer menu code
2014-12-18 John Kitchinrewrite of cite menu function
2014-12-18 John Kitchinadded brief explanation in build section.
2014-12-17 John Kitchina lot of changes
2014-10-30 John Kitchinadd nobibliography link
2014-10-21 John Kitchinadd bibentry, fix multientry bibliographies, and org...
2014-09-30 John Kitchinadd alias
2014-09-30 John Kitchinopen notes from reftex
2014-09-25 John Kitchinadd user function for opening notes
2014-09-25 John Kitchinopen notes in second window. expand section
2014-09-24 John Kitchinshow children in notes.
2014-09-24 John Kitchinrm message
2014-09-24 John Kitchinfix bug where clicking on cite: gives an error
2014-09-23 John Kitchinmodify centering on open note, and show entry
2014-09-23 John Kitchinmake open the notes show the subtree and go to the...
2014-09-23 John Kitchinexpand bibliography link filename
2014-09-13 John Kitchinfix bug. When a file is first opened, clicking on links...
2014-08-17 John Kitchinattempt to add org export
2014-08-13 John Kitchinupdate so you can have better html bibliography export
2014-08-12 John Kitchinmaking progress towards better html export. It is not...
2014-08-10 John Kitchinadd documentation to html export variable
2014-08-07 John Kitchinmodify click function to work on cite links with a...
2014-08-03 John Kitchinadd org directory