added some export functions to get a pdf and html version of the doc.
[org-ref.git] /
2015-03-16 John Kitchinadded some export functions to get a pdf and html versi...
2015-03-16 John Kitchinadd index entries
2015-03-16 John Kitchinadd index and glossary docs.
2015-03-15 John Kitchinadd more docs
2015-03-15 John Kitchinmore documentation
2015-03-15 John Kitchinstill adding documentation
2015-03-15 John Kitchinadd additional documentation.
2015-03-15 John Kitchininitial commits of new documentation
2015-03-15 John Kitchinremoving the org source version.
2015-03-14 John Kitchinupdated my customized helm-bibtex formatter
2015-03-13 John KitchinMerge pull request #21 from divinenephron/org-src-inden...
2015-03-13 Devon BuchananSet org-edit-src-content-indentation in org files.
2015-03-09 John Kitchinfix space issue in sorting keys
2015-03-04 John Kitchinfix typo
2015-03-04 John Kitchinremove interactive from functions that do not need it
2015-03-04 John Kitchinadd tangle blocks for new helm-bibtex features
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd some autoloads
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd org require
2015-03-03 John KitchinMerge branch 'divinenephron-master-pr20'
2015-03-03 John KitchinMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd prefix arg to replace keywords
2015-03-03 Devon BuchananModified the makefile to conforms better to the emacs...
2015-03-03 John KitchinMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-03 John KitchinMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-03 John Kitchinadd keyword support
2015-03-03 John Kitchincleaning up tag entries
2015-03-03 John Kitchinmodify helm-bibtex to put keywords in the search, and...
2015-02-26 John Kitchinspacing fix
2015-02-26 John Kitchinchange label color to magenta
2015-02-26 John Kitchinmake hi-lock-mode buffer local when colorizing links.
2015-02-26 John Kitchinadd global-hi-lock to avoid annoying warning
2015-02-24 John Kitchintrim urls in case they have leading or trailing spaces.
2015-02-23 John Kitchindelete result
2015-02-23 John Kitchinwrap hydra code in featurep
2015-02-23 John Kitchinadd line after function
2015-02-23 John Kitchintangle the hydra out. add doc to onclick function for...
2015-02-23 John Kitchinfix keys in body
2015-02-23 John Kitchinchange copy key to K
2015-02-23 John Kitchinmake p in Pubmed capital
2015-02-23 John Kitchinadd hydra menu
2015-02-20 John Kitchinrm interactive on org-ref-key-in-file
2015-02-20 John Kitchinmodify find key in file
2015-02-15 John Kitchinspace change.
2015-02-15 John Kitchinadd tangle arg
2015-02-14 John Kitchinadd helm-config
2015-02-03 John Kitchinspacing and punctuation in doc strings.
2015-02-03 John Kitchinadd label and ref coloring
2015-02-03 John Kitchinchange ref color to dark red
2015-02-03 John Kitchini think my regexps work now.
2015-02-03 John Kitchinbeginning of colorize links
2015-01-30 John Kitchincomment out the tangle for this script
2015-01-30 John Kitchinpolish order of operations
2015-01-30 John Kitchinpolish link timer code.
2015-01-30 John Kitchinpolish timer logic for mouse messages
2015-01-30 John Kitchinmoved cursor messages to its own section. added mouse...
2015-01-28 John Kitchinfix typo
2015-01-28 John Kitchinadd markdown export with pandoc citations
2015-01-28 John Kitchinfinally added wos code!
2015-01-27 John Kitchinadd with-affiliates to get cite links in caption
2015-01-27 John Kitchinadd with-affiliates and catch all cite types
2015-01-27 John Kitchinadd with-affiliates to get bibtex keys
2015-01-27 John Kitchinspace change
2015-01-27 John Kitchinfixed add cite insert
2015-01-27 John Kitchintune latex label regexp.
2015-01-27 John Kitchinclean up doc strings
2015-01-27 John Kitchinfix bug in get labels.
2015-01-27 John Kitchinfix label click action for occurence plurality
2015-01-26 John Kitchinmake custom-id links have a message.
2015-01-26 John Kitchinremove custom_id. we cannot ref these.
2015-01-26 John Kitchinfix issue in bibliography link message
2015-01-26 John Kitchinfix bug in bibliography message
2015-01-26 John Kitchinfix insert label to replace if needed
2015-01-26 John Kitchinfixed some issues.
2015-01-26 John Kitchinupdate insert ref so we can replace current link.
2015-01-26 John Kitchinmake double prefix replace ref link
2015-01-26 John Kitchinadd tangle to two blocks
2015-01-26 John Kitchinfix type
2015-01-26 John Kitchinrm message box
2015-01-26 John Kitchinmany helm integration changes
2015-01-25 John Kitchinadd scopus
2015-01-25 John Kitchinremove messageboxes
2015-01-25 John Kitchinmake message function only run in org-mode
2015-01-25 John Kitchinfix bug in adding to end of cite link
2015-01-25 John Kitchinchange link messages to run in an idle timer
2015-01-25 John Kitchinrm ido-completing
2015-01-25 John Kitchinswitch alternative cite selection to helm
2015-01-25 John Kitchinget rid of message box.
2015-01-25 John Kitchinspace fix
2015-01-25 John Kitchinadd message box to check prefix
2015-01-25 John Kitchinwrap in save-excursion
2015-01-25 John Kitchinadd eqref to link message
2015-01-25 John Kitchinclean up and add description
2015-01-25 John Kitchinadd try to get pdf if you do not have it
2015-01-25 John Kitchintweaks getting minibuffer messages to work
2015-01-25 John Kitchinmore changes to get helm working cleanly
2015-01-25 John Kitchinremove large output
2015-01-25 John Kitchinfix missing )
2015-01-25 John Kitchinadd function to give message when on a cite link.
2015-01-24 John Kitchinadded user functions to helm menu
2015-01-24 John Kitchinadded significant new helm integration for cite click.