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2015-02-03 John Kitchinfix minor bug in isbn-to-bibtex-lead function
2015-02-02 John Kitchinremove \n from query. this seems to cause trouble in...
2015-02-02 John Kitchinfix bug in missing bibtex file arg
2015-01-31 John Kitchinpolished isbn function
2015-01-31 John Kitchinadd documentation
2015-01-31 John Kitchinadd isbn to bibtex and fix several substring typos
2015-01-31 John Kitchinadd isbn function
2015-01-31 John Kitchinpolish the crossref function.
2015-01-31 John Kitchinfinished version of function to query crossref
2015-01-31 John Kitchinpolishing add function
2015-01-31 John Kitchinremove doi add from region command.
2015-01-30 John Kitchintry making it more robust to open doi in browser if...
2015-01-10 John Kitchinmodify region command to not insert entries with existi...
2015-01-06 John Kitchinadd no tangle line
2014-12-12 John Kitchingive option for which bibliography to save doi in
2014-11-07 John Kitchinadd crossref and pubmed menu options, add pubmed functi...
2014-11-05 John Kitchinadded new doi menu link for org-mode
2014-09-23 John Kitchinadd proceedings article type
2014-08-10 John Kitchinadd :tangle no to some blocks. For some people it seems...
2014-08-09 John Kitchinadd journal article
2014-08-03 John Kitchinadd org directory