2016-12-08 timrikerdunno master
2014-03-12 timrikercopyright and licensing issues: Artistic License _or_ GPL
2014-03-12 timrikerbetter logging from dondelelcaro
2014-02-26 timrikercleanup
2014-02-26 timrikerlog scripts
2013-11-15 timrikerfix unsetting autojoin when trying to join invite-only...
2013-03-20 timrikerutf8 still broken
2013-03-20 timrikertranslate
2013-02-28 timrikerdice
2012-04-09 timrikerreally?
2012-03-14 timrikerws
2012-03-14 timrikerops see #DEL#
2011-12-29 timrikermkdir before we change $file{log}
2011-12-29 timrikerconvert help
2011-12-29 timrikerhandle negative units
2011-12-29 timrikerstring compare log rotate
2011-12-28 timrikerprocess * style /me lines too
2011-12-28 timrikerDAILY logs in year/ dir. allow for external scripts...
2011-12-28 timrikerdon't clear channels, minor utf8 tweak
2011-10-28 timrikertry ssl connect, and fail?
2011-10-26 timrikerFIXME: scheduler looks broken, flood join instead
2011-10-26 timrikermsg
2011-10-24 timrikermove tucount calc, partial? fix for channel count
2011-10-24 timrikermyconn typo
2011-10-20 timrikerjoin debugging
2011-06-24 timrikerheck
2011-06-24 timrikeridentify help
2011-06-24 timrikerreload users and channels too
2011-03-15 simonravenmodify for new debian release
2011-02-07 timrikermore binmode attempts
2011-02-07 timrikerurlchannel
2010-11-22 timriker-autojoin on full or inviteonly
2010-05-03 timrikerstop rewt or r00t warn silliness
2010-04-16 timrikerwarn on pmsg karma - raven24++
2010-04-12 timrikerkarma must be public
2010-03-04 timrikerTODO: input bytes, output utf8
2010-03-04 timrikerlet unclean utf8 in?
2010-03-04 timrikerutf8 by default
2010-03-04 timrikerconvert help
2010-02-10 timrikerdid we mean nick instead of mynick?
2010-02-02 timrikertypo
2010-02-02 timrikerconnect to reported ip, don't look up the name again
2010-02-02 timrikerconninfo
2010-02-02 timrikermore multinick
2010-02-02 timrikerops are never outsiders
2010-02-02 timrikerconninfo
2010-02-02 timrikermore multinick
2010-02-02 timrikerkill handcoded ravenbot paths
2010-02-02 timrikerconninfo
2010-02-01 timrikermore multiconnect issues
2010-02-01 timrikermore multiconnect issues
2010-02-01 timrikermore multiconnect issues
2009-10-08 djmcgrath* Fixed minor typo in postgresql seen.sql (closes bug...
2009-10-05 simonravenadd some .gitignores based on svn:ignore
2009-10-05 simonravenclean up files/directories
2009-10-05 simonravenstart new 'simon' branch; add our own files, originally...
2009-08-04 timrikerbroken stats recording
2009-03-30 timriker2721919 - set Username
2009-03-20 Set some Local Variables: for emacs users...
2009-03-02 timrikerlog nick on join
2009-01-26 djmcgrath* Added a forked copy of PoCi Common with altered filen...
2009-01-25 djmcgrath* Google module should now return a URI as is, without...
2009-01-25 djmcgrath* Use File::Basename to strip down the created_by entry...
2009-01-25 djmcgrath* in import script needs to be lower case...
2009-01-25 djmcgrath* Updated FAQ with more fact pack tips
2009-01-25 djmcgrath* Updated FAQ with some hopefully helpful starter tips...
2009-01-25 djmcgrath* Rename of to
2009-01-25 djmcgrath* Fixed script for importing factpacks
2008-12-03 djmcgrath* Accidentally left in a debug output
2008-12-02 djmcgrath* Msg user with "not found" status instead of reporting...
2008-12-02 djmcgrath* Changes to
2008-12-02 djmcgrath* Retired the old broken W3Search module in favour...
2008-12-01 djmcgrath* Missed in the previous merge
2008-12-01 djmcgrath* Merged in changes for r1841:1850 from don's dpkg...
2008-08-01 djmcgrath* Updated trunk to 1.5.4 (SVN)
2008-07-02 djmcgrath* Added svn:ignore property to files directory to hide...
2008-07-02 djmcgrath* Fixed talkok bug with 'how are you' statement in...
2008-06-27 djmcgrath* Renamed on_endofmotd to on_connected
2008-05-19 djmcgrath* Explain how to enable multiple nicks for one bot
2008-05-19 timrikerno addrchar or talkok if just hungry
2008-05-19 timrikerfixme: need to allow disply of other %conns
2008-05-17 djmcgrath* Fixed verstats to warn the channel about who involked...
2008-05-17 djmcgrath* Added chanset for verstats to allow disabling of...
2008-05-17 djmcgrath* Removed README.quick to keep clutter down. The conten...
2008-05-17 djmcgrath* Cleaned up TODO and removed a few completed entries
2008-05-17 djmcgrath* Minor README cleanup
2008-05-17 djmcgrath* Changed old OPN references to freenode
2008-05-17 djmcgrath* Removed svn:executable propset on modules (not needed)
2008-05-17 djmcgrath* VERSION to 1.5.3 to match ChangeLog entries for HEAD
2008-05-17 djmcgrath* Update Changlog to reflect babelfish fix
2008-05-17 djmcgrath* Removed references to old patches from INSTALL and FAQ
2008-05-16 timrikerws
2008-05-16 timrikerbabelfish: force utf8
2008-05-16 timrikeruse result div in babelfish
2008-05-10 djmcgrath* New maxVolunteerLength to govern max size of non...
2008-04-28 timrikerhandle reverse maps once utf8 support is fixed
2008-04-28 timrikerutf8
2008-04-25 timrikerhelp is good
2008-04-25 timrikerupsidedown
2008-04-21 djmcgrath* End of trunk test