2008-05-13 Don Armstrongupdate debian known hosts
2008-05-12 Don Armstrong * update dictionary
2008-04-24 Don Armstrong * add unfill paragraph and iswitchbmode fix
2008-04-24 Don Armstrongupdate .emacs
2008-04-15 Don Armstrong * resolve conflicts in dictionary
2008-04-02 Don Armstrongadd wholesale pub key
2008-03-21 Don Armstrong * add daycare.com to ssh config
2008-03-19 Don Armstrong * update ssh configuration
2008-03-19 Don Armstrong * update ispell dictionary
2008-03-07 Don Armstrong * use ttyUSB0 as the default
2008-03-07 Don Armstrongadd minicom default
2008-02-28 Don Armstrong * update bashrc
2008-02-27 Don Armstrongadd more words, update .emacs
2008-02-16 Don Armstrongupdate svn ignore.
2008-02-16 Don Armstrongupdate config for more hosts; update known hosts, and...
2008-02-08 Don Armstrongadd .sarc
2008-02-01 Don Armstrongupdate known_hosts don
2008-02-01 Don Armstrongupdate svn:ignore
2008-02-01 Don Armstrongall donarmstrong.com machines use the don known_hosts
2008-02-01 Don Armstrongstart using mulitple different known_hosts
2008-01-25 Don Armstrongadd anacrontab
2007-12-12 Don Armstrongadd the kneedraggers public key
2007-12-12 Don Armstrongupdate config
2007-11-24 Don Armstrongadd alanarmstrong public key
2007-11-05 Don Armstrong * Change the prompt to indicate if we're in a chroot
2007-10-23 Don Armstrong * Just use gimp-remote
2007-10-22 Don Armstrong * Add different colors for remote hosts
2007-09-28 Don Armstrong * Handle older versions of toe
2007-09-25 Don Armstrong * Switch to a TERM that exists if the one we're using...
2007-09-09 Don Armstrongadd svn-buildpackage alias
2007-08-14 Don Armstrongupdate known hosts
2007-08-14 Don Armstrongadd latex style hooks
2007-07-23 Don Armstrongadd changes to known hosts
2007-07-23 Don Armstrongdon't use fixme
2007-07-23 Don Armstrongadd more words to the word list
2007-07-23 Don Armstrongadd debconf key
2007-07-23 Don Armstrongadd culinarytrends
2007-07-23 Don Armstronguse prompt in rxvt too; better ssh-agent logic
2007-07-21 Don Armstrongupdate screenrc with nonblock
2007-07-06 Don Armstrongdon't load the fixme and php modes; update known_hosts
2007-02-09 Don Armstrongstart iswitchb and set goto line
2006-11-04 Don Armstrongadd identity_blogamundo.pub
2006-10-28 Don Armstrongupdate config file
2006-07-28 Don Armstrongadd abaca support and hostname support for multi-mount...
2006-07-13 Don Armstrong * Add support for ssh-agent to bashrc
2006-06-27 Don Armstrongadd sndservers identity file
2006-06-27 Don Armstrong * add sndservers lines to config
2006-06-14 Don Armstrongadd ralph.ucr.edu
2006-06-12 Don Armstrongupdate dictionary
2006-05-15 Don Armstrongfix bash_profile so it stops screwing up with en_US...
2006-04-14 Don Armstrongonly run devtodo when it exists
2006-04-13 Don Armstrongmodifications to known hosts
2006-04-13 Don Armstrongmore changes to known hosts
2006-04-13 Don Armstrongadd more stuff to the personal dictionaries
2006-04-11 Don Armstrongadd zeto config
2006-04-01 Don Armstrongcomment out auctex line for the time being
2006-04-01 Don Armstrong * add debconf public key
2006-04-01 Don Armstrong * add more entries to known_hosts
2006-04-01 Don Armstrongadd identity_debconf
2006-03-21 Don Armstrongadd donarmstrong hosts to ssh config; kill off urmc...
2006-03-13 Don Armstrongremove the useless .sarc file
2006-03-13 Don Armstrongadd more hosts to known hosts and words to my dictionary
2006-02-22 Don Armstrongbe inteligent about setting lang where possible
2006-02-18 Don Armstrongadd archimedes to known hosts and set window titles...
2006-02-18 Don Armstrongignore public keys too
2006-02-18 Don Armstrongadd aspell correction list
2006-02-18 Don Armstrongadd aspell correction list
2006-02-17 Don Armstrongadd known hosts, update base sa, and fix .ssh ignores
2006-02-17 Don Armstrongadd . to match everything, and move the arguments to...
2006-02-17 Don Armstrongadd the sa_base file and remove projects from the base...
2006-02-17 Don Armstrongadd the sa_base file and remove projects from the base...
2006-02-17 Don Armstrongmove a few files that didn't get moved
2006-02-17 Don Armstrong * Completely move around the home directory system...
2006-02-17 Don Armstrongupdate merge r115:HEAD changes
2005-11-06 Don Armstrongupdate svn:ignore
2005-11-04 Don Armstrongmove wgetrc to the right place
2005-11-04 Don Armstrongupdate home-base and home-full
2005-11-04 Don Armstrongupdate home-base
2005-10-01 Don Armstrongmoved everything into trunk
2005-10-01 Don ArmstrongInitial user home directory commit