* use -f in tmpreaper to force deletion of things
[home-base.git] / .emacs
2008-10-12 Don Armstrong * switch to perl-style
2008-06-03 Don Armstrong * add and load tiny-tools
2008-05-26 Don Armstrongadd more stuff to .emacs
2008-04-24 Don Armstrong * add unfill paragraph and iswitchbmode fix
2008-04-24 Don Armstrongupdate .emacs
2008-02-27 Don Armstrongadd more words, update .emacs
2007-08-14 Don Armstrongadd latex style hooks
2007-07-23 Don Armstrongdon't use fixme
2007-07-06 Don Armstrongdon't load the fixme and php modes; update known_hosts
2007-02-09 Don Armstrongstart iswitchb and set goto line
2006-04-01 Don Armstrongcomment out auctex line for the time being
2006-03-13 Don Armstrongadd more hosts to known hosts and words to my dictionary
2006-02-17 Don Armstrongupdate merge r115:HEAD changes
2005-11-04 Don Armstrongupdate home-base
2005-10-01 Don ArmstrongInitial user home directory commit