2015-11-05 Peter Palfradervariable assignment does not clone string...
2015-11-05 Peter PalfraderGive arrays another try
2015-11-05 Peter Palfradertry this
2015-11-05 Peter Palfraderuse ports in debug output
2015-11-05 Peter PalfraderArrays do not seem to work, use strings for now
2015-11-05 Peter PalfraderWe do not want vogler to create a 443 TLSA for www
2015-11-05 Peter PalfraderFix stomping of certfile
2015-11-05 Peter Palfradersome extra output
2015-11-05 Peter Palfradermaybe TLSA records for XMPP stuff
2015-11-05 Peter Palfradersupport multiple ports in gen tlsa
2015-11-05 Peter PalfraderNo need to make /etc/repro/debian.org-chained.crt and...
2015-11-05 Peter Palfradergive debvoip sudo to service prosody
2015-11-04 Peter PalfraderFix cgit root title for dgit (RT#6034)
2015-11-03 Aurelien JarnoAdd etler
2015-11-01 Christoph Eggershorten chroot name for kFreeBSD
2015-10-28 Paul WiseRedirect d.o/support/ to /support since base-files...
2015-10-27 Peter PalfraderAdd debian.fi
2015-10-23 Paul WiseEnsure that rtc's monit configuration file is absent
2015-10-21 Luca Filipozziremove rtc's monit configuration file
2015-10-19 Peter PalfraderRevert "mirror.bytemark is quite slow at sanger. Use...
2015-10-18 Jakub WilkUse HTTPS in /etc/motd
2015-10-18 Paul WiseOnly sync logs once per day since we are only transferr...
2015-10-18 Paul WiseJust sync existing debian.org access logs instead of...
2015-10-18 Paul WiseAlso log to a public access log for debian.org mirrors
2015-10-18 Paul WiseSet the correct weblogs destination in the weblog provi...
2015-10-18 Paul WiseEnable shipping debian.org logs to www-master.debian...
2015-10-13 Peter PalfraderEnable pam_systemd.so in common-session
2015-10-11 Julien Cristauuse full path to /usr/bin/service in monit config
2015-10-11 Julien Cristaurenew ssl cert for api.ftp-master.d.o
2015-10-11 Peter PalfraderUse SSO certs on jenkins
2015-10-11 Peter PalfraderAnd ssl module
2015-10-11 Peter PalfraderAdd jenkins role
2015-10-08 Peter Palfraderbackuphost also has postgresql-client-9.1
2015-10-08 Peter Palfraderencode backuphost in label for basebackups
2015-10-03 Aurelien JarnoFix another typo...
2015-10-03 Aurelien JarnoFix a typo in previous commit
2015-10-03 Aurelien JarnoAdd jessie-proposed-update repo for mips-aql-05 and...
2015-10-02 Aurelien JarnoOnly create kfreebsd chroot aliases on kfreebsd-*
2015-10-02 Christoph EggerCreate kfreebsd-security chroots
2015-09-28 Héctor Orón... soler: decomission rt#5890
2015-09-27 Héctor Orón... sudo: repkace press by publicity
2015-09-27 Héctor Orón... sudo: allow pabs to push timeline rt#5979
2015-09-27 Héctor Orón... sudo: replace debbits by publicity
2015-09-27 Iain R. Learmonthhamradio blends relocation on www.d.o
2015-09-26 Héctor Orón... corelli: decomission
2015-09-26 Peter Palfradermake base backups on backuphost at a different time
2015-09-26 Peter Palfraderbackuphost will have pg backups also
2015-09-24 Héctor Orón... multipath: drop brahms, decomissioned
2015-09-24 Héctor Orón... brahms: decomission
2015-09-24 Héctor Orón... arcadelt: drop, decomissioned time ago
2015-09-22 Héctor Orón... gabrielli: decomission
2015-09-18 Héctor Orón... eysler.d.o: decomission
2015-09-18 Peter Palfraderdisable proposed repo on zandonai
2015-09-17 Peter PalfraderInstall libpam-systemd on systemd hosts
2015-09-17 Peter Palfraderand spell hostname right
2015-09-17 Peter Palfraderremove duplicate entry
2015-09-17 Peter PalfraderAdd backuphost
2015-09-17 Héctor Orón... mayer: decomission
2015-09-11 Peter PalfraderApply Aurelien's nfs patch to the dsa-check-libs copy...
2015-09-09 Peter PalfraderFix debian mirror for man-da
2015-09-08 Aurelien JarnoUse ftp.de.debian.org in manda
2015-09-06 Peter PalfraderFix whitespace and hyphen
2015-09-05 Aurelien Jarnodupload.conf: drop config for -volatile, -edu and -bpo
2015-09-05 Aurelien Jarnodupload.conf: enable gpg check
2015-09-05 Martin Zobel... add vittoria
2015-09-01 Peter Palfradersudo for gitdoadm
2015-09-01 Peter PalfraderAdd gigault
2015-09-01 Peter PalfraderAdd a comment
2015-09-01 Peter Palfraderreload apache2 on sso RP hosts after sso files changed
2015-09-01 Peter PalfraderCommit fix for iterating over sso nodes
2015-08-31 Peter Palfradersudo for %jenkins-adm to jenkins-adm
2015-08-31 Peter PalfraderRename jenkins to jenko (RT:#5781)
2015-08-31 Julien Cristauferm: add yet another $work ip
2015-08-29 Julien CristauAdd video.debian.net to static CDN
2015-08-28 Peter Palfraderticharich as sso_rp
2015-08-28 Peter Palfraderfix one path
2015-08-28 Peter Palfraderrsync on lw0[1234]
2015-08-28 Aurelien Jarnobuildds: kill aptitude after 10 minutes OR all RAM...
2015-08-27 Peter Palfraderdiabelli to sso_rp
2015-08-26 Peter Palfraderfix typo
2015-08-26 Peter Palfradergrub on VMs
2015-08-26 Aurelien JarnoCreate mips64el chroots on Loongson 3 buildds, II
2015-08-26 Aurelien Jarnosetup-dchroot: use linux32 personality on mips/mipsel
2015-08-26 Aurelien JarnoAlways install fakeroot in the chroots
2015-08-26 Peter Palfraderca.pem -> ca.crt
2015-08-25 Aurelien JarnoCreate mips64el chroots on Loongson 3 buildds
2015-08-25 Peter Palfraderalso add ca.pem
2015-08-25 Peter Palfraderenable sso_rp
2015-08-25 Peter PalfraderTry shipping SSO CRL
2015-08-25 Peter PalfraderAdd a factor to load /srv/sso.debian.org/debsso/data...
2015-08-25 Peter Palfraderdebsso-web sudo
2015-08-25 Peter PalfraderRemove /var/run/iptables-ferm.checksum /var/run/ip6tabl...
2015-08-24 Peter PalfraderAdd debian-debug rsync share
2015-08-24 Peter PalfraderAdd debian-debug rsync share
2015-08-24 Peter PalfraderRemove commented out, obsolete rsync shares
2015-08-24 Aurelien JarnoAdd root ssh key for aurel32
2015-08-24 Aurelien Jarnoferm: use NFLOG instead of LOG/ULOG on jessie
2015-08-24 Aurelien Jarnoferm: change ferm.conf to a template
2015-08-24 Aurelien Jarnoferm: drop aurel32's IPs
2015-08-24 Aurelien JarnoRemove file committed in the wrong place in commit...