Allow gid videoteam to sudo to local user veyepar on vittoria
[dsa-puppet.git] / modules / sudo / files / sudoers
2015-11-07 Peter PalfraderAllow gid videoteam to sudo to local user veyepar on...
2015-11-05 Peter Palfradergive debvoip sudo to service prosody
2015-11-03 Aurelien JarnoAdd etler
2015-09-27 Héctor Orón Martínezsudo: repkace press by publicity
2015-09-27 Héctor Orón Martínezsudo: allow pabs to push timeline rt#5979
2015-09-27 Héctor Orón Martínezsudo: replace debbits by publicity
2015-09-26 Peter Palfraderbackuphost will have pg backups also
2015-09-22 Héctor Orón Martínezgabrielli: decomission
2015-09-01 Peter Palfradersudo for gitdoadm
2015-08-31 Peter Palfradersudo for %jenkins-adm to jenkins-adm
2015-08-25 Peter Palfraderdebsso-web sudo
2015-08-19 Peter PalfraderAdd seger
2015-08-19 Martin Zobel-Helasgive some more rights to the openstack group
2015-08-15 Paul WiseAdd to the static CDN
2015-08-14 Aurelien JarnoAllow wbadm-ports to update buildds ssh keys
2015-08-11 Julien Cristauadd pizzetti to more places
2015-08-05 Peter Palfraderdo ca check as puppet
2015-08-05 Peter Palfraderallow nagios to check puppet's ca cert
2015-07-13 Peter Palfradersudo for %appstream for static-update-component appstre...
2015-07-08 Peter Palfraderappstream sudo
2015-07-07 Peter PalfraderGive the dgit group sudo to dgit-unpriv
2015-06-21 Stephen GranMerge branch 'rabbitmq' of ssh://
2015-06-10 Peter Palfraderstatic-update-component for debdelta
2015-05-16 Peter Palfraderremove obsolete entries
2015-03-23 Peter PalfraderAdd plummer to PORTERBOXES
2015-03-23 Peter PalfraderAllow running dsa-check-stunnel-sanity as root from...
2015-03-15 Héctor Orón Martínezdi-autobuilding: allow d-i group builds on porterboxes
2015-02-19 Peter Palfraderno more static-update-component lintian on lilburn
2015-02-09 Peter PalfraderShip dsa-check-libs via puppet for now
2015-01-27 Peter PalfraderAllow nagios to run dsa-check-libs under sudo
2015-01-26 Peter PalfraderAdd minkus to porterboxes
2014-12-15 Paul Wisenagios needs to be able to run systemctl as root otherw...
2014-11-11 Peter PalfraderRetire backuphost
2014-11-07 Helmut Grohnereload bind9 from geodnssync using service
2014-11-06 Peter PalfraderAdd lindsay
2014-10-25 Peter PalfraderUse storace as pg backuphost
2014-10-22 Martin Zobel-HelasRT#5423 - give secretary group right to run partly...
2014-10-18 Héctor Orón Martínezarm64: porterbox is asachi now
2014-10-18 Martin Zobel-Helasno more stabile
2014-10-16 Héctor Orón Martínezsudo: add arm64 porterbox
2014-10-11 Peter PalfraderAdd
2014-09-21 Peter PalfraderEnable httredir to run everything as httpredir-app
2014-09-21 Peter PalfraderAllow httpredir role to run some things as httpredir-app
2014-09-20 Peter PalfraderAdd httpredir sudo
2014-09-19 Peter PalfraderAdd dgit sudo
2014-09-08 Peter Palfraderremove barber, biber, vitry
2014-08-11 Peter Palfradersudo for dak to static-update-component incoming
2014-07-22 Peter Palfraderlintian can trigger static update component
2014-07-08 Héctor Orón Martínezsudo: add wbadm-ports
2014-06-01 Peter Palfraderremove respighi
2014-05-31 Luca FilipozziMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2014-05-31 Luca Filipozzisenfl no longer hosts planet (nfo)
2014-05-31 Luca Filipozzipurging orff
2014-04-28 Stephen Granadd more blades to the list
2014-04-27 Martin Zobel-Helasno more cilea
2014-04-23 Martin Zobel-Helasadd sudo for cinder
2014-04-19 Martin Zobel-Helasups, Host_Alias should be defined too
2014-04-19 Martin Zobel-Helasadd OpenStack sudo entries
2014-04-08 Peter Palfraderallow nagios hpacucli to check LDs
2014-04-03 Héctor Orón MartínezRemove decomissioned arm* references
2014-03-28 Peter Palfrader%security gets to update their static component
2014-03-28 Peter PalfraderGive %security sudo to security
2014-02-14 Martin Zobel-Helasadd sudo for debsso
2014-02-12 Peter Palfraderretire paganini (RT#4407)
2014-02-08 Stephen Granallow nrpe to restart samhain as well
2014-01-26 Peter PalfraderFix sudo entry for static push ports
2014-01-19 Stephen Granbe specific
2014-01-19 Stephen Gransudo for nrpe/rabbit check
2014-01-17 Luca Filipozziallow debvoip group to update website
2014-01-14 Peter Palfraderremove grieg (RT#4393)
2014-01-14 Luca Filipozziswitch from init scripts to /usr/sbin/service
2014-01-14 Luca Filipozzigive group debvoip permission to restart servers
2014-01-14 Peter Palfraderrename ftp-master.metadata to metadata.ftp-master
2014-01-01 Peter PalfraderMove dsa.d.o to static
2013-12-30 Peter Palfraderdo not run an authority on draghi
2013-12-28 Martin Zobel-Helasthere is no reload for jetty, just restart
2013-12-28 Martin Zobel-Helasallow list-gid to restart jetty
2013-12-25 Peter Palfradergive debadmin access to the new dak-web user
2013-12-18 Stephen Gransudo for pet-devel
2013-12-13 Héctor Orón MartínezAllow ports group to act on static-update-component...
2013-12-13 Héctor Orón MartínezAdd ports to sudoers
2013-12-12 Peter Palfradersudo for dnsadm on denis
2013-12-08 Peter Palfraderpreliminary static-update-component mozilla sudo entry
2013-12-04 Peter PalfraderGive %list access to debian@master
2013-12-02 Peter Palfraderblends sudo for update-component
2013-12-02 Peter Palfraderblends group
2013-12-01 Peter Palfraderretire the qa-web-rolex user - remove from sudo (RT...
2013-12-01 Peter Palfraderand sudo for static blends and wnpp-by-tags
2013-12-01 Martin Zobel-Helasadd new group dacshelper, allow access to www-data...
2013-11-13 Peter PalfraderAdd sudo entry to update network-test
2013-11-12 Peter Palfraderallow d-i to update the d-i component
2013-10-31 Peter Palfraderdebdelta sudo
2013-09-22 Martin Zobel-Helasremove unger
2013-09-22 Martin Zobel-Helasremove ries
2013-09-16 Peter Palfraderuse update-buildd-sshkeys after all
2013-09-15 Peter Palfraderno longer need update-buidd-sshkeys
2013-09-15 Peter Palfraderwb-buildd access
2013-09-15 Tollef Fog HeenAdjust puppet for wuiet being a buildd master
2013-09-01 Peter Palfraderadd dedup sudo
2013-08-14 Peter Palfradersudo for codesearch