variable assignment does not clone string...
[dsa-puppet.git] / modules / puppetmaster / lib / puppet / parser / functions / gen_tlsa_entry.rb
2015-11-05 Peter Palfradervariable assignment does not clone string...
2015-11-05 Peter PalfraderGive arrays another try
2015-11-05 Peter Palfradertry this
2015-11-05 Peter Palfraderuse ports in debug output
2015-11-05 Peter PalfraderArrays do not seem to work, use strings for now
2015-11-05 Peter PalfraderFix stomping of certfile
2015-11-05 Peter Palfradersome extra output
2015-11-05 Peter Palfradersupport multiple ports in gen tlsa
2013-08-25 Peter Palfraderrename new cert files
2013-07-01 Peter PalfraderFix scoping
2013-07-01 Peter PalfraderOnly include new entry if it has a different key
2013-07-01 Peter PalfraderRead files for additional TLSA data
2013-06-07 Peter Palfradergenerate TLSA record for our mailserver ports