variable assignment does not clone string...
[dsa-puppet.git] / hieradata /
2015-10-18 Paul WiseEnable shipping logs to www-master.debian...
2015-10-11 Peter PalfraderUse SSO certs on jenkins
2015-10-11 Peter PalfraderAdd jenkins role
2015-09-28 Héctor Orón Martínezsoler: decomission rt#5890
2015-09-26 Peter Palfraderbackuphost will have pg backups also
2015-09-01 Peter PalfraderAdd a comment
2015-08-28 Peter Palfraderticharich as sso_rp
2015-08-27 Peter Palfraderdiabelli to sso_rp
2015-08-25 Peter PalfraderTry shipping SSO CRL
2015-08-19 Peter PalfraderAdd seger
2015-08-14 Aurelien Jarnoadd ssh-wrapper + userkeys config for buildd rsync...
2015-08-03 Julien Cristauadd soriano
2015-07-13 Peter Palfradermekeel is a static source
2015-07-13 Peter Palfradergit.dgit
2015-07-12 Peter PalfraderAdd cgit for dgit (RT#5866)
2015-07-12 Peter Palfraderretire couper, popov
2015-07-08 Peter Palfraderprepare pinel for popcon
2015-07-02 Martin Zobel-Helasconfigure rabbitmq for openstack
2015-07-02 Martin Zobel-Helasinstall memcachced
2015-06-21 Stephen GranMerge branch 'rabbitmq' of ssh://
2015-06-10 Peter PalfraderAdd debdeltas.d.n static component
2015-06-08 Peter Palfraderpopcon role
2015-06-01 Paul WiseRevert snapshot memory increase, dropped git http smart...
2015-06-01 Paul Wisesibelius needs more RAM for git-http-backend
2015-05-17 Peter Palfraderfix typo
2015-05-17 Peter Palfraderluchesi -> ubc-bl4
2015-05-17 Peter Palfradermake bl[268] the ubc recursors
2015-05-17 Peter Palfraderboito -> ubc-bl6
2015-05-17 Peter Palfraderpasquini -> ubc-bl7
2015-05-16 Peter Palfradertristano -> ubc-bl3
2015-05-16 Peter Palfraderand now use the real bl8
2015-05-16 Peter Palfradersalieri is no longer around - replace it as a nameserve...
2015-05-16 Peter Palfraderreplace a few bertali occurrences with ubc-bl2
2015-05-15 Martin Zobel-Helasrename dijkstra
2015-05-14 Peter Palfraderretire ravel
2015-04-02 Martin Zobel-HelasAdd new module elasticsearch for listsearch
2015-03-28 Peter Palfraderretire lilburn
2015-03-06 Paul WiseDecommission
2015-02-13 Luca Filipozziremove rossini and salieri
2014-12-27 Martin Zobel-HelasRevert "disable oyens for now"
2014-12-23 Martin Zobel-Helasdisable oyens for now
2014-12-23 Peter Palfraders/search-/cgi-/
2014-12-23 Peter PalfraderAdd stunnel for search
2014-11-27 Peter PalfraderGet rid of broken provider nameservers at dg-i
2014-11-07 Peter PalfraderAdd api.ftp-master role
2014-11-06 Peter PalfraderAdd lindsay
2014-10-25 Peter PalfraderRemove backuphost.d.o as pg backuphost
2014-10-25 Peter Palfradermake storace a pg backup server
2014-10-12 Peter Palfraderstatic push
2014-10-11 Peter PalfraderAdd static_mirror_nopush concept
2014-09-19 Peter PalfraderUpdate searchpath for csail
2014-08-15 Héctor Orón Martínezd-ports: set apache memlimit
2014-08-14 Peter PalfraderDisable weblog providers and destination as ravel is...
2014-07-27 Peter Palfradermake coccia an ftp upload host
2014-07-27 Martin Zobel-Helaspeople ssl cert
2014-07-22 Peter PalfraderUpdate the way we populate machine ssh keys for da...
2014-07-22 Peter Palfraderlilburn is a static source
2014-07-03 Peter PalfraderDeploy qa.d.o cert on qamaster
2014-06-27 Martin Zobel-Helasadd hiera for tracker
2014-06-25 Peter Palfraderadd gatech
2014-05-31 Luca Filipozzipurging orff
2014-05-31 Luca Filipozzidrop orff from dns_secondary; purge dns_secondary configs
2014-05-31 Luca Filipozziremove diamond as secondary_ns
2014-05-31 Peter PalfraderRemove secondary DNS from senfl
2014-05-31 Peter PalfraderRemove secondary DNS from ravel
2014-05-31 Luca Filipozzirevert. grumble.
2014-05-31 Luca Filipozziokay, need to have the key; use fake value
2014-05-31 Luca Filipozzikey with no value invalid?
2014-05-31 Luca Filipozziravel, senfl, diamond and orff are no longer NS secondaries
2014-04-22 Martin Zobel-Helasoyens was missing in hieradata
2014-04-09 Peter Palfraderfix yaml entry
2014-04-09 Peter PalfraderDeploy gobby cert to gombert
2014-03-31 Stephen Granintroduce pubsub config for git master
2014-03-26 Peter PalfraderAdd leaseweb nameservers
2014-02-11 Peter PalfraderDeploy bugs-master cert
2014-02-10 Peter PalfraderInstall cert on packages hosts
2014-01-28 Peter Palfradermove pg full backups to pull model
2014-01-17 Luca Filipozzisip -> rtc rename + monit
2014-01-11 Luca Filipozziinitial set up of role:sip
2014-01-09 Peter PalfraderAllow queries from
2014-01-09 Peter Palfraderown recursors at man-da
2014-01-08 Martin Zobel-Helaspush the cert to bugs
2014-01-07 Peter Palfraderdenis: llow ssh from geo[123]
2014-01-02 Stephen Granmove over dns_primary/seconday
2014-01-02 Stephen Granmove more to roles
2014-01-02 Peter PalfraderMake denis an extra nrpe client
2014-01-02 Tollef Fog HeenMove all roles from local.yaml to hiera
2014-01-01 Tollef Fog HeenStart moving bits from local.yaml to hiera
2013-09-04 Peter PalfraderUpdate *both* places that specify search paths
2013-07-11 Peter PalfraderWTF hieradata
2013-06-17 Peter Palfraderget rid of broken nameservers for ana
2013-06-16 Luca FilipozziMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-06-16 Peter Palfraderfix yaml
2013-05-30 Peter Palfradermaybe fix zivit hierdata
2013-05-25 Peter Palfraderprepare to add salieri to ganeti2
2013-05-23 Peter Palfraderluchesi -> ganeti
2013-05-22 Peter Palfraderdijkstra to ganeti2
2013-04-17 Stephen Granmove allow_dns_query into hiera
2013-04-14 Peter Palfraderadd bytemark hieradata
2013-04-14 Peter Palfraderadd a default