2020-03-22 Don Armstrongdebugs-spam: output all of folded X-Spam headers master
2020-02-14 Don Armstrongsupport -done being set in a psuedoheader don/done_psuedoheader
2019-11-30 Don Armstrongaffects packages are part of the related packages we... don/full_name_should_be_format
2019-11-30 Don Armstrongpkgsrc is no longer needed
2019-11-28 Don Armstrongit's remove_age not removal_age
2019-11-24 Don Armstrongthe libraries are now in the lib directory
2019-08-11 Don Armstrongadd packages for use strictures 2 don/mousify_config
2019-08-11 Don Armstrong$config{database} is the config option, not debbugs_db
2019-08-11 Don Armstrongthe cache directory should always be a temp dir
2019-08-11 Don Armstrongmouseify Debbugs configuration
2019-08-11 Don Armstrongfix blockedby/blocks in buginfo template
2019-07-24 Don Armstrongmove Debbugs to lib don/move_lib
2019-07-08 Don Armstrongswitch to compatibility level 12
2019-07-08 Don ArmstrongUpdate for testing in buster environment (use pq-11...
2019-07-06 Don ArmstrongAdd format option to version_url in Debbugs::CGI
2019-07-06 Don ArmstrongSVG is supported by enough browsers; default to it...
2019-07-06 Don ArmstrongMerge branch 'mouseify'
2019-07-06 Don Armstronguse CGI::Simple->new()
2019-07-06 Don Armstrongswitch to IO::File->new
2019-07-06 Don ArmstrongDocument bug collection a bit more
2019-07-06 Don Armstrongadd messageid to bug status
2019-07-06 Don Armstrongadd binpkg/srcpkg relation table
2019-07-06 Don Armstrongmake the pkginfo section a table instead of a long...
2019-07-06 Don ArmstrongUse $bug object instead of status in bugreport buginfo
2019-07-01 Don Armstrongthe usertags test no longer applies; need to rethink it
2019-07-01 Don Armstrongcall iso8601 instead of stringify
2019-06-30 Don Armstrongadd missing dependency on DateTime
2019-06-30 Don Armstrongit's now submitter->email
2019-06-30 Don Armstronguse status for found/fixed in shortstatus
2019-06-30 Don Armstrongonly look for source if srcforpkg is defined
2019-06-30 Don Armstrongstop warning if there is no schema
2019-06-30 Don Armstronguse status->package/found/fixed instead of custom code...
2019-06-30 Don Armstrongallow apply to return > 1 object per collection member
2019-06-30 Don Armstrongadd msid to bug_status VIEW
2019-06-30 Don Armstrongdefine schema object $s in version.cgi
2019-06-30 Don ArmstrongDebbugs:;Verison: add count and join methods; only...
2019-06-30 Don Armstrongbuild sources directly from the package collection
2019-06-30 Don ArmstrongIt's always a source version if the package is a source...
2019-06-30 Don ArmstrongUse pkg for the Debbugs::Package and package for the...
2019-06-30 Don ArmstrongIn Debbugs::Package, do not double search for binary...
2019-06-30 Don ArmstrongIn Debbugs:;Package use valid_version_info instead...
2019-06-30 Don Armstrongadd source_names and maintainers to Debbugs:;Package
2019-06-30 Don ArmstrongDocumentation of Debbugs::Package
2019-06-30 Don ArmstrongResolve issues with get_source_versions{,_distributions}
2019-06-30 Don Armstrongautomatically switch between creating source and binary...
2019-06-29 Don Armstronghandle source/package being undef in Debbugs::Collectio...
2019-06-29 Don Armstrongadd combine method to Debbugs::Collection; fix keys_of_...
2019-06-29 Don Armstronguse schema argument in Debbugs::Collection::Package
2019-06-29 Don Armstrongpending is not a status field
2019-06-29 Don Armstrongdocument Debbugs::Collection::Version
2019-06-02 Don Armstrongremove unneeded things from bugreport after mouseify
2019-06-02 Don Armstrongremove debbuging Data::Printer code which snuck in
2019-06-01 Don ArmstrongOnly build individual fields from the status when they...
2019-05-28 Don Armstrongdepend on libmousex-nativetraits-perl for Hash trait
2019-05-28 Don Armstrongdepend on libmouse-perl
2019-05-28 Don Armstrongfix short bug status to use is_blocked and corresponden...
2019-05-28 Don Armstrongonly include users which have bugs
2019-05-27 Don Armstrongswitch to get_or_add_by_key
2019-05-27 Don ArmstrongUse Debbugs::Bug::Status in Debbugs::Bug
2019-05-27 Don Armstrongdocument Debbugs::Collection::Package
2019-05-27 Don Armstrongadd Debbugs::Bug::Tag, list of tags
2019-05-27 Don Armstrongadd Debbugs::Bug::Status, interface to .status files
2019-05-27 Don ArmstrongDocument Debbugs::Collection::Bug
2019-05-27 Don Armstrongdocument Debbugs::Collection
2018-08-19 Don Armstrongwe don't necessarily need to deparse the email address...
2018-08-19 Don Armstrongstop calculating the source for all packages
2018-08-19 Don Armstrongpkgreport already has use warnings, does not need -T
2018-08-19 Don Armstronguse make_source_versions instead of makesourceversions...
2018-08-19 Don Armstronguse package_maintainer in bugreport
2018-08-19 Don Armstronginclude function in instalsql for bin ver/src pkg linking
2018-08-19 Don Armstronguse schema in Debbugs::Status tests
2018-08-19 Don Armstrongadd bin_pkg to src_pkg convenience linking table with...
2018-08-19 Don Armstrongmousify bugreport and short status templates
2018-08-19 Don Armstronghandle no srcver/binver in valid version info search
2018-08-19 Don ArmstrongAdd users to a collection
2018-08-18 Don Armstrongthe default bug collection for a bug is the universe
2018-08-18 Don ArmstrongOR is the default for multiple values; remove useless or
2018-07-14 Don Armstrongadd email and url access objects
2018-06-14 Don Armstrongsupply schema_arg to get_bug_status
2018-06-14 Don Armstrongsupply users to Debbugs::Collection::Bug
2018-06-14 Don Armstrongsupport usertags in Debbugs::Bug and Debbugs::Bug::Tag
2018-06-14 Don Armstrongbug links should all be numbers
2018-06-14 Don Armstronguse state in bug_links for speed
2018-06-14 Don Armstronguse Debbugs::Bug in pkgreport
2018-06-08 Don ArmstrongMousify Debbugs::Log and integrate with Debbugs::Bug
2018-06-08 Don Armstronginclude affects in package loading
2018-06-08 Don Armstrongadd _mergedwith_array for speed when filtering
2018-06-08 Don Armstronguse schema_argument
2018-06-08 Don Armstrongseparate bin version and bin association queries
2018-06-08 Don Armstrongcarp if _member_constructor is called with one package
2018-06-08 Don ArmstrongPackage member key is the fully-qualified name; fix...
2018-06-08 Don Armstrongmake constructorargs lazy
2018-06-08 Don Armstrongreimplement _add_member_hash for speed; add _shallow_cl...
2018-06-08 Don Armstrongadd CARP_TRACE
2018-06-08 Don Armstronguse BUILD to handle correspondent argument; add CARP_TRACE
2018-06-07 Don Armstrongadd collection and collection correspondent
2018-06-07 Don Armstrongadd submit_but and run_processall utility routines
2018-06-07 Don Armstrongupdate OO interface to near-completion
2018-06-07 Don ArmstrongPkgreport now uses Mouse OO interface
2018-06-07 Don Armstrongadd VersionTree and Collection::Version