2014-11-09 Mark HymersClose our SQLAlchemy sessions master
2014-11-09 Mark HymersImplement and document the different names
2014-11-09 Mark HymersHack to not end up with None versions
2014-11-08 Mark HymersFind suite by any of the random name types we have
2014-11-08 Mark HymersAdd database update to contain release_suite field
2014-11-07 Mark HymersAdd suite function
2014-11-07 Mark HymersImprove suites() documentation
2014-11-07 Mark HymersImprove dsc_in_suite function documentation
2014-11-07 Mark HymersImprove archives() function documentation
2014-11-07 Mark HymersAdd initial suites and archives routines
2014-11-07 Mark HymersReturn filesize and sha256sum too
2014-11-07 Mark HymersRun WSGI script from apache
2014-11-07 Mark HymersFirst pass at a hacky mod_wsgi version
2014-11-07 Mark HymersAdd initial api.ftp-master.d.o apache config
2014-11-07 Mark HymersMerge in the initial web API code
2014-11-07 Mark HymersRemove debugging code
2014-11-07 Mark HymersMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dakweb'
2014-11-07 Mark HymersMerge remote-tracking branch 'mhy/master'
2014-11-07 Mark HymersLock {src,bin}_associations to stop other things writin...
2014-11-07 Mark HymersUpdate install instructions
2014-11-07 Mark HymersCreate some directories needed for new dak installs
2014-11-07 Mark HymersCall dak admin s-c in example install instructions
2014-11-06 Ansgar BurchardtReject uploads with Multi-Arch: no
2014-11-06 Ansgar BurchardtDo not require arch:all packages in experimental uploads
2014-11-02 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/checks.py: check for Section field in binary...
2014-10-26 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/gpg.py: Ignore POLICY_URL keyword.
2014-10-23 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/command.py: Add Cc option.
2014-10-19 Ansgar BurchardtREADME.stable-point-release: Update for 7.7
2014-10-15 Ansgar Burchardtsecurity NEW processing: add dak admin forget-signature
2014-10-07 Ansgar BurchardtHandle packages with overrides in multiple components
2014-09-11 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/checks.py: check timestamp of .changes signature
2014-09-11 Ansgar Burchardtdak make-pkg-file-mapping: do not include sources from...
2014-09-11 Ansgar Burchardtdak make-pkg-file-mapping: ensure stable order
2014-09-02 Ansgar Burchardttest_gpg.py: test PGP messages and plaintext
2014-09-02 Ansgar Burchardttest_gpg.py: also check signature timestamp
2014-09-02 Ansgar BurchardtAdd first unit tests for GnuPG wrapper.
2014-09-02 Ansgar Burchardtdm-migrate: list source packages for which permissions...
2014-08-26 Ansgar Burchardtcron.unchecked: drop unused do_dists function.
2014-08-26 Ansgar Burchardtcron.unchecked: stop bothering with override files.
2014-08-25 Ansgar BurchardtMerge remote-tracking branch 'paultag/paultag/bugfix...
2014-08-25 Paul TagliamonteImport errno, used in Exception handling.
2014-08-22 Ansgar BurchardtHashedFile: Raise FileDoesNotExist if referring to...
2014-08-22 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/upload.py: Use common base class for all exception.
2014-08-17 Mark HymersMerge branch 'master' of /srv/ftp.debian.org/git/dak
2014-08-17 Mark HymersAdd ppc64el
2014-08-17 Ansgar Burchardtcron.daily: Don't allow ssh trigger to run arbitrary SQL
2014-08-17 Ansgar BurchardtRemove apache.conf-incoming.
2014-08-16 Mark HymersShow last updated time on i.d.o
2014-08-16 Mark HymersRemove old (and slow) code
2014-08-16 Mark HymersRemove code working around an old issue
2014-08-16 Mark HymersStop generating old incoming.debian.org
2014-08-16 Mark HymersDon't use privacy temporarily to work out which buildds...
2014-08-16 Mark HymersDon't break on too many links
2014-08-16 Mark HymersRemove old variables
2014-08-16 Mark HymersUse chronic
2014-08-15 Ansgar BurchardtDrop created and modified columns from bin_contents...
2014-08-15 Ansgar BurchardtDebian_arch_to_Debian_triplet: handle linux-${arch}
2014-08-12 Mark HymersFix DirectoryMatch
2014-08-12 Mark HymersWe don't want emails every 15 minutes
2014-08-12 Mark HymersDon't sync incoming - there's no point
2014-08-12 Mark HymersUse the right option
2014-08-12 Mark HymersChange how we generate incoming.debian.org
2014-08-12 Mark HymersMove canonical incoming.debian.org location
2014-08-11 Ansgar Burchardtexport-suite: Add --relative option.
2014-08-10 Ansgar Burchardtapache.conf-incoming: Grant access to home.mraw.org
2014-08-10 Ansgar Burchardtprocess-new: Indicate which packages were not include...
2014-08-10 Ansgar BurchardtOnly inject processed uploads into signature_history
2014-08-08 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/regexes.py: Do not allow colons in filenames.
2014-08-05 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/checks.py: Add instructions how to get an upload...
2014-08-04 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/gpg.py: Ignore SIGEXPIRED and KEYEXPIRED
2014-08-03 Ansgar Burchardtapache.conf-incoming: Grant access to mahler.debian.net
2014-08-03 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/gpg.py: Ignore NOTATION_{NAME,DATA} keywords.
2014-08-03 Ansgar Burchardtshow-deferred: Do not require a valid signature.
2014-08-03 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/gpg.py: Also handle SIGEXPIRED keyword.
2014-08-03 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/gpg.py: Handle a few more keywords for invalid...
2014-08-03 Ansgar BurchardtDrop unique .changes name requirement and allow ftpteam...
2014-08-03 Ansgar Burchardtdak admin: add forget-signature subcommand
2014-08-03 Ansgar BurchardtAdd replay protection for uploaded changes files.
2014-08-03 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/gpg.py: Use timestamp instead of just date.
2014-08-03 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/gpg.py: Raise an error if we see unexpected...
2014-08-03 Joerg JaspertFix breakage on missing w-b dump for an arch
2014-08-02 Mark HymersAdd arm64 keyring to queued configuration
2014-08-02 Mark HymersAdd arm64
2014-08-01 Ansgar Burchardtbuilt_in_suite: Do not consider architecture 'source'
2014-08-01 Ansgar Burchardtmatch_architecture: Fix raising exception if an archite...
2014-08-01 Ansgar Burchardtprocess-new: Make again use of Package-List field.
2014-08-01 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/dbconn.py: Add MetadataProxy that behaves like...
2014-08-01 Ansgar Burchardtscripts/debian/moveftp.sh: use mv --no-clobber
2014-07-31 Ansgar Burchardtconfig/debian/dak.conf: Allow some source-only uploads.
2014-07-31 Ansgar BurchardtPackageList: use correct values for section and component
2014-07-31 Ansgar BurchardtAdd more fine-grained options for source-only uploads.
2014-07-31 Ansgar BurchardtUse Package-List to look for NEW binaries.
2014-07-31 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib.upload.Source: expose Package-List.
2014-07-31 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib.upload.Binary: add name property.
2014-07-31 Ansgar BurchardtPackageListEntry: Rename package_type to type.
2014-07-31 Ansgar BurchardtThe Binary field of source packages is comma-seperated.
2014-07-31 Mark HymersInitial pass at dak web server
2014-07-31 Ansgar Burchardtdaklib/packagelist.py: Additional sanity checks.
2014-07-31 Ansgar Burchardtextract_component_from_section: avoid unneeded database...
2014-07-31 Ansgar BurchardtAdd parser for Package-List field.