2014-06-16 Don Armstrongfinalize changelog for 7904 master debian/1.1+hg7904-0+nmu1
2014-06-13 Don ArmstrongMerge tag 'upstream/1.1+hg7904'
2014-06-13 Don ArmstrongImported Upstream version 1.1+hg7904 upstream upstream/1.1+hg7904
2013-12-01 Michael SchutteFinish changelog for 1.0+hg6976-1 debian/1.0+hg6976-1
2013-12-01 Michael SchutteDebian revision number should of course be -1
2013-12-01 Michael SchutteUpdate Standards-Version to 3.9.5
2013-12-01 Michael SchutteNew upstream version 1.0+hg6976, closes: #723678
2013-12-01 Michael SchutteImport r6976 from upstream hg supporting Firefox up... upstream/1.0+hg6976
2013-09-09 Michael SchutteFinish changelog for 1.0+hg6948-1 debian/1.0+hg6948-1
2013-09-09 Michael SchutteNew upstream version 1.0+hg6948
2013-09-09 Michael SchutteImport r6948 from upstream hg supporting Firefox up... upstream/1.0+hg6948
2013-05-10 Michael SchutteFinish changelog for 1.0+hg6924-1 debian/1.0+hg6924-1
2013-05-10 Michael SchutteUpdate to upstream r6924
2013-05-10 Michael SchutteUpdate to r6924 upstream/1.0+hg6924
2013-05-10 Michael SchutteUse debhelper 9
2013-05-07 Michael SchutteUpdate debian/copyright
2013-05-07 Michael SchutteBump Standards-Version
2013-05-07 Michael SchutteUse canonical Git URLs in debian/control
2013-05-07 Michael SchutteNew upstream version 1.0+hg6923
2013-05-07 Michael SchutteImport r6923 from upstream hg supporting Firefox up...
2012-08-10 Jérémy BobbioFinish changelog for 1.0-1 debian/1.0-1
2012-07-28 Jérémy BobbioAdd myself to Uploaders
2012-07-28 Jérémy BobbioBump Standards-Version to 3.9.3
2012-07-28 Jérémy BobbioNew upstream release 1.0
2012-07-28 Jérémy BobbioPrepare for 1.0
2012-07-28 Jérémy BobbioImport 1.0 supporting Firefox up to 14.* upstream/1.0
2011-12-28 Michael SchutteFinish changelog for 1.0~rc1-1 debian/1.0rc1-1
2011-12-28 Michael SchutteWe cannot combine copyright a license text with license...
2011-12-28 Michael SchutteWork around the binary/ directory by adding an extra...
2011-12-28 Michael SchutteNew upstream release 1.0~rc1
2011-12-28 Michael SchutteImport 1.0rc1 supporting Firefox up to 11.* upstream/1.0rc1
2011-12-28 Michael SchuttePrepare for 1.0rc1
2011-10-08 Michael SchutteFinish changelog for 1.0~b7.1-1 debian/1.0b7.1-1
2011-10-08 Michael Schuttedebian/copyright: Add Mozilla Foundation copyright...
2011-10-08 Michael SchutteRemove debian/patches/
2011-10-08 Michael SchutteNew upstream release 1.0~b7.1
2011-10-08 Michael SchuttePrepare changelog for new upstream version
2011-10-08 Michael SchutteImport 1.0b7.1 supporting Firefox up to 8.* upstream/1.0b7.1
2011-08-21 Michael Schutte1.0~b6-2: Install /usr/share/xul-ext/pentadactyl/NEWS... debian/1.0b6-2
2011-07-26 Michael SchutteFinish changelog for 1.0~b6-1 debian/1.0b6-1
2011-07-26 Michael SchutteMerge branch 'upstream'
2011-07-26 Michael SchutteRemove common/javascript.vim (without license)
2011-07-26 Michael Schutteget-orig-source target
2011-07-26 Michael Schuttedebian/rules: Make it a little clearer why the for...
2011-07-26 Michael SchutteSet MANGLE=chrome (appears to be the default value...
2011-07-23 Michael SchutteWe need at least mozilla-devscripts 0.19 for the dh...
2011-07-23 Michael SchutteDepend on debhelper >= 8 rather than >= 8.0.0~
2011-07-23 Michael SchutteMention Firefox in Description
2011-07-23 Michael SchutteRename iceweasel_6_support to iceweasel_6_support.patch
2011-07-23 Michael SchutteRemove commas in debian/copyright
2011-07-23 Michael SchutteUse the Debian revision for $MANGLE
2011-07-23 Michael SchutteFixes for Iceweasel 6; drop 3.5 support
2011-07-23 Michael SchuttePoint Vcs-* to the repo on alioth
2011-07-23 Michael SchutteShip a copy of the MPL as a standalone file
2011-07-23 Michael SchutteUse the upstream project name for the source package
2011-07-20 Michael SchutteTalk about Vimperator in the long description
2011-07-20 Michael SchutteDon’t ship project documentation in /usr/share/xul-ext
2011-07-20 Michael SchutteInstall NEWS as upstream changelog
2011-07-20 Michael SchutteAdd empty (except for an explanatory comment) watch...
2011-07-20 Michael SchutteFirst attempt
2011-07-20 Michael SchutteDrop .hgtags upstream/1.0b6
2011-07-20 Michael SchutteInitial import of 1.0~b6