#! /bin/sh htmldir=/home/sesse/bugscan/www realmakepage() { local filter="$1" # Distributions to list local title="$2" # Title of page local date="$3" # Date local worry="$4" # Worry about testing only? local descr # Description of filter if [ -z "$filter" ]; then descr="all" else descr="$filter" filter="-d $filter" fi filter="$filter $worry" cat < $title, $date



for distribution(s): $descr

EOF ./bugreport -H -s $filter cat < Explanation for bug tags:

The second set of tags indicate what releases a bug applies to: O for oldstable (woody), S for stable (sarge), T for testing (etch), U for unstable (sid) or E for experimental. X indicates that the package is not in testing.

EOF ./bugreport -H -l $filter cat < This page is automatically generated.
Please contact owner@bugs.debian.org for comments. EOF } makemainpage() { cat < $title, $time



EOF ./bugreport -Hs cat <

Graph of RC bugs