descriptionDebian bug tracker development
ownerDon Armstrong
last changeWed, 30 Jul 2014 21:10:46 +0000 (14:10 -0700)
2014-07-30 Don Armstrongremove leading and trailing spaces in references and... don/reply_links master
2014-07-29 Don Armstrongfix multipart messages when quoting the body; bodyhandl...
2014-07-29 Don ArmstrongAdd reply links to individual bug messages with headers...
2014-05-30 Don Armstrongeliminate convert to utf8 warning
2014-05-30 Don Armstronghandle undefined headers by just returning ''
2014-05-07 Don Armstrongfix the links to reassigned packages in the html entries
2014-05-07 Don Armstrongfix #747267 by causing the closing regex to require...
2014-04-23 Don Armstrongdon't go past end of @msg when setting
2014-04-21 Don Armstronghandle package, msgid, and keywords being undefined
2014-04-16 Don ArmstrongAlso check for package being defined before checking...
2014-04-16 Don Armstrongcheck for package being defined before source regex
2014-04-15 Don ArmstrongBecause we now properly decode UTF8, in order to strip... don/fix_bom
2014-02-07 Don Armstrongswitch the libravatar url to not prefix with
2013-11-30 Don ArmstrongSupport CVEs surrounded by parenthesis (closes: #662228...
2013-11-30 Don ArmstrongFix title of $gBug (closes: #546383). Thanks to Jakub...
2013-11-30 Don Armstrongrevert part of 593feb86; Source_maintainer has a differ...
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