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9 days ago Don Armstrongmove scripts/config to examples/ master
9 days ago Don Armstrongdepend on apache2 or httpd
2015-01-15 Don Armstrongswitch to using Require all granted from old Options...
2015-01-15 Don Armstronguse + for symlinks and multiviews; newer apache doesn...
2015-01-15 Don Armstrongwe don't need to expose the txt directory either
2015-01-15 Don Armstrongremove irrelevant configuration options which have...
2015-01-15 Don Armstrongwe shouldn't expose db
2015-01-15 Don Armstronguse /var/log/apache2/ as the default error log location
2015-01-15 Don Armstrongallow " in other places too (HTML::Escape doesn...
2015-01-15 Don ArmstrongStop URLs at " too. Thanks to Vincent Lefevre...
2014-11-14 Don Armstrongignore addresses which do not have @ to work around...
2014-11-14 Don Armstronguse uri_escape_utf8 instead of uri_escape
2014-11-06 Don ArmstrongAdd affects to bugreport.cgi package info header (Close...
2014-10-31 Don ArmstrongMerge remote-tracking branch 'pindy/pindy/docs'
2014-10-28 Virginia KingReplaced dead website link with current pages
2014-10-28 Virginia KingConverted to markdown
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