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ownerDon Armstrong
last changeWed, 16 Apr 2014 17:10:46 +0000 (10:10 -0700)
22 hours ago Don ArmstrongAlso check for package being defined before checking... master
22 hours ago Don Armstrongcheck for package being defined before source regex
39 hours ago Don ArmstrongBecause we now properly decode UTF8, in order to strip... don/fix_bom
2014-02-07 Don Armstrongswitch the libravatar url to not prefix with
2013-11-30 Don ArmstrongSupport CVEs surrounded by parenthesis (closes: #662228...
2013-11-30 Don ArmstrongFix title of $gBug (closes: #546383). Thanks to Jakub...
2013-11-30 Don Armstrongrevert part of 593feb86; Source_maintainer has a differ...
2013-11-29 Don Armstrongset cleanup=>1 and use remove_tree instead to hopefully...
2013-11-29 Don Armstrongwe need to unlink the temporary file name, not the...
2013-11-21 Don Armstronghandle source maintainer having the archive name properly
2013-10-29 Don Armstronguri_escape e-mails in libravatar (closes: #728034)...
2013-10-02 Don Armstrongadd $gLibravatarCacheDir
2013-10-02 Don Armstrongfix cache location regex
2013-10-01 Don ArmstrongDebbugs::Libravatar requires convert from imagemagick
2013-10-01 Don Armstrongset content type even if we use apache to serve the...
2013-10-01 Don Armstrongserve_cache is not exported by Debbugs::Libravatar
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