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ownerDon Armstrong
last changeMon, 29 Aug 2016 09:07:22 +0000 (02:07 -0700)
27 hours ago Don Armstrongstop double printing in run_rsync master
2016-08-10 Don Armstrongupdate testcover rule
2016-08-10 Don Armstrongremove double colon in Debbugs::CGI
2016-08-10 Don ArmstrongUse ETags; return timestamp not is_valid
2016-08-05 Niels ThykierDrop unused my $vars
2016-08-04 Niels ThykierLibravatar: Refactor cache handling to avoid unncessary...
2016-08-04 Niels Thykierlibravatar.cgi: Drop unused import/module loads
2016-08-04 Niels ThykierLibravatar: Lazy-load LWP::UserAgent
2016-08-04 Niels ThykierPrefer "use Exporter qw(import)" to inheriting from it
2016-08-04 Niels Thykierd/control: Add missing Build-Depends for test
2016-08-03 Niels ThykierStandardize on using <br> (as opposed to <br/>)
2016-08-03 Niels Thykierhtml_tail.tmpl: Add missing </p>
2016-08-03 Don Armstrongignore Extra-Source-Only: yes packages and make sure...
2016-08-03 Niels ThykierAdd viewport in HTML
2016-07-18 Don Armstrongit should be decode_utf8, not encode_utf8
2016-07-18 Don Armstrongswitch mailbox mime type to application/mbox
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