descriptionDebian bug tracker development
ownerDon Armstrong
last changeThu, 1 Oct 2015 00:14:01 +0000 (17:14 -0700)
9 days ago Don ArmstrongFix mbox output of bugreports to properly use filehandle master
9 days ago Don Armstrongimport :read in bugreport.cgi
9 days ago Don ArmstrongAdd IO::InnerFile support to Debbugs::Log and use it
13 days ago Don Armstrongchange the scope of tempdir so that it stays in scope...
2015-09-23 Don Armstrongalso use a filesystem in handle_email_message to avoid...
2015-09-23 Don Armstronguse tmpdir for bugs instead of memory to avoid trouble...
2015-07-04 Don Armstrongdocument fix for #790716 in changelog
2015-07-04 Rafael LaboissierePlural/singular agreement in error message
2015-06-17 Dave Loyallpoint at config.debian's new location
2015-05-25 Don Armstrongremove debbugging effective_type output
2015-05-25 Don Armstronguse Sys::Hostname::hostname instead of hostname --fqdn
2015-05-15 Don ArmstrongFix SOAP module hack to work around Date/Time encoding...
2015-02-24 Don Armstrongwe know that the statement is ok; use $1 to avoid taint...
2015-02-22 Don Armstrongnext release will be 2.6.0; document more issues which...
2015-02-21 Don Armstrongperl 5.14 does not support named capture groups, apparently
2015-02-21 Don Armstrongit's tags, not tag
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